3 Reasons to Invest in High Security Locks

With a home burglary estimated to occur every 13 seconds in the US, investing in high security locks, is now more of a necessity than an extravagance. Talk to any reputable, trained locksmith and they’ll happily tell you about the advantages of upgrading your lock systems, and if you were to visit their homes, they’d have high security locks on every main door, guaranteed. With
this in mind, below are 3 of the top reasons to give your property as much protection as you possibly can, with high security locks:

  • They offer heightened protection and increased security
Well, they don’t call them high security locks for nothing; utilizing diagonal or biaxial cuts on the pin tumbler lock, these locks are significantly harder to pick, and provide a much higher level of security for homeowners.
Malicious techniques such as lock picking and drilling are commonly used by intruders and thieves, but you can help foil their attempts by upgrading to high security locks, which will prove harder (if not impossible) to tamper with.

  • High security locks are surprisingly cost-effective
Standard pin tumbler locks are highly susceptible to criminal lock breaking techniques, and as such are anything but ideal for keeping you, your family and the contents of your home, safe. However, while high security locks are a little more expensive than standard ones, the level of protection they offer more than makes up for the additional expense should you choose to upgrade to them.
If you choose not to upgrade to high security locks and your home falls victim to burglars, not only are you left with the expense of whatever items they’ve stolen from you, but the locks will be damaged and need to be replaced, too. So, it makes simple economical sense to have high security locks professionally installed at your home.

  • You’ll have more peace of mind
While there is no 100% guarantee, that having high security locks fitted at your home will prevent a burglary from happening, the risk is so low that unless you live in a high crime area, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your home and its contents are as well protected as they can possibly be. In a world where there are so many other things to worry about, knowing that at least your home is safe, can help you sleep a little more soundly at night, and give you peace of mind should you have to go away and leave the house unattended for any period.

For most homeowners who haven’t yet upgraded to high-security locks, the evidence suggests that you should, and as soon as possible. For the small extra expense of buying them and having them professionally installed, you’ll get added protection and peace of mind, and when combined, the two can provide you with the ultimate sense of security. Talk to your local locksmith today about upgrading to high security locks to keep criminals at bay.