4 Benefits of High Security Systems

Keeping your business and employees (not to mention, customers) safe while keeping costs at a manageable level isn’t always easy, but with a high security system, you can have the best of both worlds.

With many benefits, the top 4 are detailed below and should help you decide whether high security systems offer the right kind of protection for your business:

  1. Long term costs can be reduced

Also known as HSEC’s, high security system locks are virtually impossible to pick, and with their two-leveled biaxial key cutting, they’re extremely difficult to force open. Also coming with drill resistant housing that prevent the locks from being removed the doors, these high security systems will stop you from having to pay out for costly lock replacements each time a breach occurs.

  1. High security systems are customizable

The most secure locks on the market today can still be customized to meet your particular requirements, no matter how complex they may be. With customizable lock systems, you can successfully secure multiple locations and meet the demands of any individual working environment, within any industry.

  1. Locks can immediately be reset

With high security systems, rekey able locks can simply be reset when a key is lost or stolen, which let’s face it, can happen a lot. This means that anyone who has the key, will not be able to use it to gain entry to the premises, and in the meantime, you can update the remaining keys to enable your workforce to continue as normal.

  1. Serialized keys can be tracked

Many keys and locks in high security systems use cloud-based software solutions that enable administrators to keep track of all keys that have been issued. With the help of this software, the key holder can be identified, the key’s location tracked, and the doors the key provides access to can be checked.

Also eliminating key duplication, a huge security risk in many businesses, serialized keys can keep any facility as secure as it can possibly be.

If you want to upgrade the security solutions for your business, why not schedule a security assessment from your local, commercial locksmith, and have them perform a detailed review of the premises. Once the assessment is complete, they’ll be able to advise you of any areas in which security may be weak, and help you install a high security system to give you the ultimate in proven protection.