4 Of the Best Locks for Your Front Entry Door

The expansive world of door locks is best broken down into smaller, more manageable categories, such as: conventional deadbolts, electronic locks with a keypad, smart locks and retrofit smart locks. Below, we look at each category in more detail, and assess their pros and cons:

Conventional deadbolts
Reliable and popular, the single cylinder deadbolt typically operates with the use of a key on the outside, and a thumb turn on the inside. Traditional, mechanical and easy to operate, a conventional deadbolt is a security staple of the lock hardware world, and can be relied upon to do its job successfully.

Electronic locks with a keypad
Slightly higher tech than a standard deadbolt, these electronic locks come with a keypad with some handy, convenient features such as keyless entry, and personalized access codes for anyone you choose. No more hunting for keys, and easy but controlled access for anyone who may need to get inside your home while you’re away, such as dog-sitters, babysitters or family and friends. The codes can easily be cancelled or changed, too. This type of lock is especially convenient if you rent out your property.

Smart locks
While they have many useful features, smart locks are pricier, and are best paired with a standard deadbolt for added protection. With voice command, remote access, geofencing and biometric capabilities, smart locks can help you gain better control of your home security with its many remote features, and help give you peace of mind when you’re away from home. However, with little to no added protection compared to traditional locks such as a deadbolt, you’ll need to assess many factors before purchasing one. Talking with your local locksmith can help you get a better idea of whether a smart lock would be right for your home.

Retrofit smart locks
These smart locks can be placed on the inside of your existing deadbolt without you having to replace the entire set, and if you have a particular design or style of exterior door, a retrofit smart lock will not interfere with its aesthetics.

When coupled with a sturdy, professionally fitted deadbolt, a retrofit smart lock can give you all the additional smart features that come with modern locks, at no expense to your existing lock system or style of door.

It’s important to remember that while a good, strong and secure lock can give you excellent protection against intruders, it can only ever be as good as the door and frame it’s attached to. Check the strength of your door before you upgrade or replace your existing locks, and remember to consult with your local locksmith for security tips and advice.