4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Locks

The locks on your doors and windows are vital for protecting you and your property, and making sure that they’re always functional, is the only way to ensure that everyone, and everything, is kept safe.

Investing in new door locks might be an additional and unexpected expense, but what price can you put on the value of your home and belongings?

Below are four of the most common reasons to upgrade your locks:

  1. You need to improve your home’s security

If the locks on your doors are old and rusty, your keys may have become compromised or you’ve lost them, or you’ve recently experienced an attempted (or successful) break-in, you will need to take action to secure your home as quickly as possible. There are various deadbolts and keyless door locks that a qualified and licensed locksmith can install to ensure that your home is as well protected as it can possibly be, and they will even carry out a thorough risk assessment of your home.

  1. You want your locks to be more stylish

If you own a modern or traditional home, you might want to upgrade your locks so that they are more stylish, modern or vintage in appearance, and match the overall aesthetic of your home. While security should of course be of paramount importance, you can find locks in a variety of styles and finishes, and your local locksmith will doubtless have an extensive selection to choose from.

  1. You’ve just purchased a new home

Your new home may already have perfectly acceptable locks, but how many people have sets of keys to them? Changing the locks on your new home will give you the peace of mind you deserve, and help to reassure you that you’re not going to come home from work one day to find your valuable belongings stolen.

  1. You want locks with more advanced features

With technology advancing at a rate of knots, door lock security has changed dramatically over the years, and manufacturers are now producing keyless door locks that can be operated with a keypad or touchscreen, Bluetooth-enabled key locks, Wi-Fi-enabled keyless locks and many other advanced locks that integrate seamlessly with alarm and security camera systems. Whether you want to give guests access to your home while you’re away, receive security breach alerts remotely or lock and unlock your doors from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, smart security systems are the way forward.

If your locking systems are working as they should, and you have no concerns about home security, upgrading your locks with the help of a professional, local locksmith may be an expense you can avoid. But if any of the 4 reasons above apply to you, then an upgrade will likely be a worthwhile investment.