4 Reasons Why You Might Want To Change Your Locks

Preventing burglars and other intruders from even considering your home as a potential target, is of course, the most important goal when it comes to home security. This is often achieved with the installation of security lights, burglar alarms and cameras. However, in the event these do not act as sufficient deterrent and an intruder manages to bypass them and get close to your property, you need to make the job of entry, as difficult as possible for them. Solid doors and strong locks are essential, but what if the intruder already has a key? Such instances may not be common, but neither are they rare. Here are 4 reasons why you might want to change your locks:


  1. Moving to a new home

While this can be an exciting prospect, the reality is that you should secure your new home as quickly as possible, and this means changing all the locks. Whether you are familiar with the previous tenants or not, how can you ever be sure that they haven’t kept a key or that someone else that they gave a key to, doesn’t still have one? Nine times out of ten, those who do have a key will have no interest in trying to gain unlawful access to your new home, but you just never know, and it really isn’t worth the risk.

  1. Your circumstances have changed:

It may be that you previously shared your house with another person who has moved out, and while they may have returned their copies of the keys to you, can you be sure that they haven’t made another copy and kept it? Perhaps you lived with a partner and have since separated? Whatever the circumstances, if there is potential for someone to own a key to your property and either use it to gain access or have allowed the key to fall into the wrong hands, then it makes sense to have the locks changed.

  1. You’ve lost your keys:

If you’ve lost your keys and there is a strong possibility that they may have been stolen rather than mislaid, then it’s a no brainer as to whether you should get your locks changed.

  1. Locks have become damaged and/or worn:

As with most items in life, they don’t last forever, and when you think how often the locks in your home are used, then it may come as no surprise to see that they’ve gradually become worn or even damaged. Should your key stop being able to lock your doors, for any reason, then you should call up a locksmith to come and take a look, and if they’re damaged or worn beyond repair, they’ll recommend that you have them replaced.

Good, strong, working locks with keys to your home owned only by the people that you trust to have them, is essential for your security, and something that it simply isn’t worth neglecting.