5 Garage Door Problems You Should Never Ignore

It’s never a good idea to delay getting your garage door repaired, and even if you’re not sure what the problem is (or even if there is a problem), it pays to have it inspected by a professional to prevent the problem from worsening.

Typically, when your garage door stops working altogether, you’ll have noticed one of the following 5 symptoms before the malfunction, and having them professionally repaired as soon as you spot, or hear them, saves you money and effort in the long run:

  1. A loud squeaking or squealing when using the garage door
  2. The door doesn’t always open or close the whole way
  3. Some of the panels on the garage door are bent or broken
  4. Parts are missing or springs have broken
  5. The door gets stuck midway through opening or closing

While you may be able to cope with the above issues short-term, they’re only ever going to get worse if left untreated – garage doors don’t repair themselves, after all.

What can happen when you ignore garage door problems:

Delaying maintenance and/or repairs of your garage door can quickly lead to the following problems:

  • Repair bills that are even bigger

Getting a problem fixed as soon as you notice it helps to prevent the problem from becoming worse, and being more expensive and complex to fix later on.

  • A garage that isn’t secure

A garage door that doesn’t operate as it should can leave not only your garage vulnerable, but your home.

  • A loss of insulation in climate control

A garage door that doesn’t close properly is bound to have an effect on your energy bills, and the temperature inside the garage and your home.

  • Safety concerns

A garage door that’s faulty can be very dangerous; garage doors are heavy and can cause serious harm to an adult, child or animal.

Stop your simple garage door repair job from turning into an expensive and time consuming one, by having your door fixed as soon as you see or hear a problem. Delay getting it repaired, and you could face a bigger bill, not to mention leave your home and garage insecure.

If you’re not sure whether there’s a problem, call up your local garage door repair company and have them perform a quick but thorough inspection. In doing so, you could even prevent a potential problem that you would never have known was there, from turning into a big repair job.