5 Of the Best Locks If You Live in An Apartment

Each type of property has a different set of security needs, and to that end, it’s important to think carefully about which lock would offer you the best protection according to what type of property you reside in. While a qualified, professional locksmith is best placed to give you the most accurate, nonbiased and technically sound advice and guidance, the following 5 lock types might help to give you a basic idea of which ones could offer the best protection if you live in an apartment:

  • Defender security lock
These might be small, but they offer incredibly high levels of protection, and work in much the same way as a door blocker. When in the locked position, it’s able to withstand up to 800 lbs. of force, and can be unlocked by sliding it up and swinging it out.
With no pickable keyholes, the door can’t even be cracked open a millimeter, giving you fantastic tamper proof security at an affordable price; most models are less then ten bucks. While it fits most exterior doors, it might not fit so well if the door to your apartment fit tightly into the frame.

  • Addalock Portable Door Lock
These are the easiest to use and while they also work like a door blocker, they’re held in place at the strike plate that already exists on your door; requiring no drilling or changing of hardware.
Just as with the first lock mentioned, you’ll need to have enough room between the strike plate, the door frame and the edge of the door, for the lock to slide through. Take the time to make sure the lock will fit your door before making a purchase.

  • August smart lock
Easy to install, the latest smart, keyless lock technology might be the right fit for your apartment. If there is a single-cylinder deadbolt on your door, upgrading to a smart lock is simple; you replace the thumb turn with the battery-operated device. Operated by Bluetooth, you can lock and unlock your door using your mobile device and sync it to your Wi-Fi hub for remote operation.

  • Kwikset single-sided deadbolt
If you live in a shared rental property, this lock might offer you the most affordable level of protection. ANSI grade 3 rated, it works with most standard strike plates and with no pickable keyhole, intruders are left scratching their heads as to how to get in.

  • Kwikset single cylinder traditional
With the highest ANSI grade 1 rating (usually only found in commercial construction), this lock is great for protecting your apartment when you’re away. Exceptionally sturdy, it also has a smartkey feature that enables you to rekey your own lock if you lose your key, and is highly resistant to picking and bumping methods. That said, it is a little more expensive than the other types of lock mentioned.

Home security is important no matter where you live, so whether you live in a house, bungalow, cottage, apartment or a rented, shared property with multiple inhabitants, make securing the place you call home a priority, and schedule a consultation with a local home security expert, such as a locksmith, today.