5 Reasons To Keep Your Valuables In A Safe

Safes are the most effective and tamper proof option for keeping your smaller valuables safe from the risk of theft in your home, or even in the workplace, and since they come in all shapes and sizes, you’re bound to find one that’s the right size for your precious items. Whether it be important documents or items of jewellery, a safe will preserve them while enabling you to access them at any time. Gone are the days of stuffing notes under the mattress or concealing diamond jewellery at the back of a drawer where you hope an intruder will not think to look. Of course, thieves are not your only concern, here are 5 of the main risk factors involved with not securing your valuables in a safe:


  • Fire damage

You can’t turn on the news in the U.S. these days without seeing a headline about wildfires, and we all know the devastating effects they can have upon individuals, businesses and even entire communities. With fires able to rip through a property in minutes, sometimes folks don’t even have time to think about taking anything with them, let alone important documents or items of value.

With your documents and cherished items safely stowed in a fireproof safe, you can concentrate on keeping yourself safe if a fire strikes in your home or business.

  • Theft

Crime is rife in some areas of the country, and homes and businesses are broken into with increasing frequency. If you happen to be away on vacation or out of town on business and you don’t have a modern locking system or safe, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to intrusion.

Not only might a thief steal your valuable items, but with identity theft on the rise, they may steal your documents of identification, too. Storing such items in a safe that has been professionally installed, is the best way of safeguarding them from theft and giving you peace of mind when you’re away.

  • Flood damage

As with wildfires, the extreme weather many parts of the world have been experiencing in recent years has made some countries and regions vulnerable to the risk of flooding. Floods can destroy homes just as a fire can, and their effects can be equally as devastating.

Making sure that your valuable and precious items are kept locked in a fully functioning safe, is one way of keeping them free from the risk of damage that water can cause.

  • Accessibility issues

Some folks have a habit of leaving important documents strewn around the home or workplace in a variety of locations, making it time consuming and frustrating when they’re needed in a hurry.

However, a safe can be the one central location for all these documents, so that not only can you find them when you need them, but they will be safe from damage and from the risk of being misplaced or accidentally discarded.

  • Damp and mildew damage

Documents that have been shoved to the back of a closet or drawer and forgotten about for many months, can easily become damaged by the effects of damp or mildew, and those effects are often irreversible.

A safe is the best way of ensuring that no damage occurs to your important paperwork, whether it be from insects, damp, mildew, water or fire.

A safe can be a fantastic investment, and if you’re considering purchasing a safe for the first time, or upgrading an existing one, a high quality digital safe would give you maximum security and ease of use; safes that are opened manually with a dial combination can be tiresome and time consuming. Always get your safe checked over by a professional at least once a year to ensure that it’s in full working order, and have them perform a maintenance check that should keep it functioning effectively for even longer.