6 Reasons Why You Should Switch To A Mul-T-Lock

Did you know that traditional locks can be picked in a matter of seconds? And using just a few simple tools that can easily be found on the internet? Nowadays, YouTube videos instruct amateur crooks how to gain access to people’s homes, businesses and other properties, and without a reinforced or specialist lock, it’s almost child’s play for them.


So, what kind of locks can you use to help prevent yourself falling victim to robbers and intruders?

Switch to a Mul-T-Lock:

When added to your existing door hardware, the high security Mul-T-Lock cylinder can help make your doors as safe and thief-proof as possible. With the best resistance to bumping, picking and countless other forced entry techniques used by criminals today, switching your current cylinder for a Mul-T-Lock, is your most effective form of defense. Here are 6 reasons why you should make the switch:

  • No more sleepless nights

The strong material that a Mul-T-Lock is made from really does give you the best protection against intruders, meaning less sleepless nights worrying about every little noise and whether someone has gained access to your home.

  • Deadbolts surpass industry tests

The Mul-T-Lock Hercular deadbolt has two interlocking ball bearings that hugely increase a door’s resistance to being forced open with a jimmy, unlike traditional locks that in some cases, can even be opened with a simple screwdriver or card. These
deadlocks have matched or surpassed every industry test available, making them the best choice for security and peace of mind.

  • Your Mul-T-Lock key cannot be copied

Did you know that only authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers can create these keys? And even then, they will only do it when presented with an official Key Order Card, which of course criminals will find hard to get hold of.

  • No need to switch your decorative door hardware:

If you have a lock that you like the look of and don’t want to change, then a qualified locksmith can simply replace your existing cylinder with a Mul-T-Lock high security cylinder.

  • Even key-copying apps cannot replicate a Mul-T-Lock:

Smartphones can be used to take photos of stolen keys that criminals then take to unwitting key cutters, to be replicated. However, armed with just a photo, no criminal will be able to get a Mul-T-Lock key copied without presenting the Key Order Card.

  • Intruders cannot unlock your door from the inside after breaking the glass:

Your Hercular Captive Deadbolt has a double-cylinder deadbolt, meaning that you can quickly and easily leave your home by placing your key into the thumb turn latch and taking it with you. While inside the property, you can leave the lock as a double cylinder deadbolt or convert it to a thumb turn latch by replacing the thumb turn with your key, giving you unrestricted access to the outside in the event of an emergency.

So, for peace of mind whether you’re at home or away from the property, call your local qualified locksmith today and switch over to a Mul-T-Lock system.