7 Common Problems with Garage Door Openers

While problems with your garage door opener aren’t always complicated, they are always frustrating, and if you use your garage frequently, you’re going to want the problem fixed, pronto.

If your garage door opener is experiencing any of the following 7 problems, you may be able to fix them yourself, or you may require help from a garage door specialist:

  1. Both remote control and wall switch aren’t enabling the opener to function

This is usually due to a disruption in the power source, and you should firstly check that the motor unit hasn’t been unplugged. If this isn’t the case, it could be a short circuit somewhere in the system or a burnt-out motor that will require help from a professional.

  1. The remote or keypad has stopped operating the opener

If your garage door has stopped responding to the remote control or keypad, it could be because you’re out of range of the antenna, the antenna is damaged, or the remote control or keypad need to be reprogrammed.

  1. The door doesn’t close fully

This problem can be caused by a close-limit switch that needs to be adjusted, and it’s often a screw feature on the motor unit that can be turned to adjust the descent of the door. Or, the safety sensors may need to be adjusted. Occasionally, although it’s not common, rusted or damaged rollers can cause the door to bind in the tracks, and you may need these to be replaced by a garage door specialist.

  1. The door reverses before it reaches the floor

There are typically 2 problems that cause this, one of which is the close-force setting that may need to be adjusted. The second problem, is damaged or rusted rollers that are creating extra friction and forcing the door to stop before it reaches the ground fully. Lubrication or roller replacement should solve this.

  1. The door reverses as soon as it reaches the floor

This annoying and potentially dangerous problem can also be a problem with the close-limit switch. If gradually adjusting the screw on the switch doesn’t fix the issue, you may need further guidance from a garage door specialist.

  1. The door doesn’t open fully

While it may not cause a huge problem (depending on how much it doesn’t open fully by), it should open fully and you’ll want to get this problem fixed before it gets any worse. This is usually caused by the up-limit switch needing to be moved toward the motor unit, or balky or damaged rollers.

  1. The door opens but the motor continues to run

This isn’t exactly a common problem, and it doesn’t usually appear suddenly, instead, it typically occurs when the opener has first been installed. The solution is usually to move the up-limit switch away from the motor unit. 

To keep your garage door and its opener functioning well for years to come, address any issues swiftly, and when in doubt, always get a garage door specialist to check it over.