Apartment Safety Checklist - Is Your Apartment Secure?

While there is absolutely no reason why a rented apartment can’t be just as safe (and in some cases, safer) as a standard house, it pays to make a few simple security checks before and after you move in, just to be on the safe side:

Check your locks – all of them
If your apartment doesn’t have new locks, it might be worth getting them replaced. Some landlords replace them with each new tenant, but if yours hasn’t done this, it would make good safety sense. Talk to your landlord and/or a local locksmith about replacing the locks for added security.

Ask about additional security features
Some apartment complexes have surveillance systems, security cars patrolling parking areas, keycard access or alarm systems in the apartment; it’s important to discover how the property manager and/or landlord intends to protect you while you’re living there. If there aren’t any, you may wish to review this before moving in.

Check for smoke detectors
Fires can easily occur in apartment buildings, and while smoke detectors should be provided in certain communal areas and within tenant’s homes, it pays to check before moving in.

Familiarize yourself with the fire exits and escape routes
Just as important as knowing where your smoke detectors are, knowing where the fire exits and escape routes are, is vital and in an emergency, could be the difference between life and death.

Purchase a safe
Priceless possessions are always going to be better protected when kept in a fire rated safe, and to talk through your options, consult with a qualified locksmith.

Create some simple but valuable safety rituals
Simple acts that you can remember to do, such as locking your door immediately behind you, checking all locks before bed, and making sure your cell phone is charged should you need it in an emergency, are all good habits to get into, and once you make them into a ritual, you’ll perform them automatically.

Even if you think that security measures at your apartment are enough, there is always something more that you can do to take it up a level and make things even safer, and you can start by talking to a qualified locksmith about reviewing the locks on your doors and windows. Often, small upgrades and improvements can be made without having to spend a fortune, and at the end of the day, they could help to save your life or at the very least, protect your belongings from thieves.