Are New Garage Doors A Sound Investment?

While many people will only replace their garage doors when they believe it to bean unavoidable necessity, such as if it suddenly stops working or has developed a costly fault, it can be beneficial to buy a new garage door before it goes wrong or begins to look tired and dilapidated.

A garage door can say a lot about a property, especially if it’s front facing (as most are), and if you want your home to look attractive and well maintained, you’ll never achieve that look with an outdated, dented, faded or faulty garage door. And if you’re looking to sell your property and increase its value and curb appeal, replacing your garage door can be a simple and relatively affordable way to do so.

Replacing your garage door can be a fantastic, sound investment for a variety of reasons, and here are just some of them:

Garage doors help create a positive first impression

The general consensus is that first impressions of people, objects and buildings are formed within a matter of seconds – seven to be precise - and when it comes to selling a home, you have precious little time to give a great impression to potential buyers. Replacing your old, outdated or damaged garage door with a new, stylish, modern one, can instantly transform the front of your home and give a favorable, lasting impression to anyone viewing the property from the curbside.

Replacing your garage doors gives a great ROI

According to recent reports by Remodeling magazine and the National Association of Realtors (NAR), replacing your garage door gives the second-best return on your investment when compared to other home improvement projects. The reports showed that those American homeowners who opted to replace their garage door, saw as much as a 94.5 % ROI at resale, and in some select markets, that figure soared as high as 132.7 %.

There’s a garage door to suit every home

With so many choices nowadays when it comes to garage doors, you can find one to complement or contrast your home beautifully, and the materials and colors available are virtually endless. Even if your garage door is still working but you fancy a change and want to upgrade the look of your home, there are plenty of affordable options to suit every budget.

If your garage door has developed a fault, no longer works effectively, or is tired, damaged and outdated, it could be time to have it replaced, and your local garage door specialist will talk you through your choices. If you want to sell your home, consider changing your garage door to boost your property’s curb appeal and increase its value at the same time. With so many color, style, design and budget options available, you’re guaranteed to find a door to suit your home, at a price you can afford.