Are Your Business Premises Secure Enough?

When your company premises are damaged due to vandalism or intruders, not only can this slow your business down, but it can cost considerable money to put right. If you value your business, then you should absolutely value its premises, too, and here are a few questions you should be asking yourself to determine whether your business premises are secure enough:


Have you thoroughly assessed security at your business premises?

There is no point investing in expensive security systems if you haven’t properly assessed the current strength and security of your entry points, such as the back and side of the property, the loading bay, and even the roof. Try to view your premises from the perspective of an intruder, and then be sure to do your best to fix any problems that you were able to highlight. You can also seek expert advice from a security company if you have any doubts about protecting your premises.

Do you have a controlled entry system in place?

Allowing people access to your business premises without any controls in place could easily mean that strangers and individuals with criminal intent could be allowed to enter, unchecked and unmonitored. Something as simple as employing a receptionist and having only one main entrance to the building or site could help you to ensure that only authorized personnel is able to access certain areas.

Is your outdoor lighting appropriate?

Motion sensor lighting can be a great and cost-effective burglar deterrent and may be all that is required to make a nighttime prowler think twice about trying to break into your business premises.

Are your windows secure enough?

Double glazing on all windows at your business premises will help make such entry points more secure, and will help you to maintain a warm, comfortable area, too

Have you considered installing CCTV cameras?

While some business owners might consider installing CCTV camera’s to be an added expense that they don’t need, they are proven to be a fantastic crime deterrent, and with warning signs hung up around the premises to show potential intruders that their actions will be recorded, the chances of your site being broken into are significantly reduced.

Your locks may work, but are they strong enough?

Keeping your business premises under lock and key is, of course, a deterrent to intruders, but modern burglars are often equipped with the tools to make short shrift of a standard lock, and so these may not be enough to keep the premises properly secure.

Talk to your local locksmith about the best types of locks for your business premises, and ask them to conduct a security assessment of your site to help you determine if you need to make some upgrades to your existing lock systems.

Do you assess your security needs often enough?

Security vulnerabilities can crop at any time, and unless you regularly perform spot checks of your business premises, you may not be aware of any issues that may put you and your business at risks, such as broken or faulty locks, CCTV camera’s that aren’t working or motion sensor lighting that isn’t functioning as it should.

Your business is doubtless important to you and maybe equally so to your employees, so never underestimate the importance of keeping your premises safe and secure, so that you and your workforce can continue to work free from the risk of intruders, vandalism, and theft.