Are Your Sliding Doors Secure?

Sliding doors are a fantastic addition to any modern home, but they can make your home vulnerable to intruders. Here are some ways to ensure that your sliding doors are secure:

Prevent and impede criminals by blocking the tracks:

The tracks that sliding doors operate on are quite simple, but they can be vulnerable to those intent on gaining unlawful access to your home. One way of preventing them from being opened from the outside is to insert a bar into the tracks of the door. The bar can be made of metal, wood or plastic and while you may find them being sold ready made at your local hardware store, they are simple enough to make if you have the tools to cut the bar to size.

Chain link the handles of your sliding doors:

If your sliding doors open in the middle, then a short and taut chain link would be best secured between the two handles to lock them together. When done, this would stop anyone from the outside from being able to force them open and separate them far enough to gain entry.

If your doors open only to the side, then it would be more secure to have someone add a handle to the nearest wall so that you can use a chain in the same manner as described above.

Add an extra layer of ‘glass’:

A layer of glass film can be a useful addition to any doors, let alone sliding ones. They are readily available for purchase and can be fitted very simply, some come tinted so that intruders can’t even see through the glass, while you are still able to look out from inside. Manufactured to withstand intense pressure, these glass films are used to help make sliding doors and other entry points more secure, and to protect them in the event of a hurricane or high winds.

Use an ‘anti-jimmy’ door plate

While usually used on normal doors, these can easily be adapted to fit sliding doors and can be purchased at any good hardware store. In much the same way that a bar locks the tracks of your sliding doors, this plate can prevent them from being raised out of their tracks, while being small enough to allow the doors to slide easily back and forth when you need them to.

If you’re unsure as to whether your sliding doors are compromising the security of your home, then talk to your local locksmith or commercial door fitter and retailer, to ensure that your entire home is as burglar proof as it can possibly be.