Are Your Windows Secure Enough to Keep Intruders Out?

It’s of course a good idea to ensure that all the doors to your property are fully secure and that they protect you, your family and other inhabitants of your home from unlawful entry by criminals, but what about your windows?

Often neglected, criminals may favor windows as an entry point as homeowners typically pay less attention to securing them than they do any other point of entry to their home, and may even leave them open during the summer months. With this in mind, it’s important to evaluate the security of your entire home thoroughly, and make sure that your doors and windows (especially any on the first floor), are as secure as they can possible be. 

Installing window locks

There are several different types of window lock, but they should be the first thing you have checked or installed by a licensed locksmith when assessing the security of your home:

  • Pin window locks

These prevent windows from being lifted from outside or inside, and when engaged, can be a good security measure for ground floor windows in particular.

  • Sash locks

Allowing you to open a window and lock it in place, these locks are generally used for double-hung windows that open from both the top and the bottom, and are great for those who like to have their windows open while they sleep.

  • Hinged wedge locks

Only useful for double-hung windows, these stop the window from being opened at all, and if you do want to be able to partially open the window, the lock can be placed higher up on the window frame to allow it to be opened by a certain amount.

Reinforcing the glass in your windows

Smashing windows to gain unlawful entry to a home is certainly not unheard of, but there are things that you can do to minimize the risk of this happening, or limit the damage should someone try to break in that way:

  • Tempered glass

A lot stronger than annealed glass – up to 4 times as strong, actually – tempered glass crumbles when broken instead of shattering.

  • Plexiglass

Made of acrylic, plexiglass is very similar to regular glass, and is both up to 10 times as strong, and impact resistant. If you’re seeking to discourage burglars from breaking in through your windows, this should do the trick.

  • Polycarbonate windows

Stronger even than plexiglass, this type of window is a good choice for any window that’s particularly vulnerable to break-ins, and while you may not be able to afford this on all windows, it’s a viable option for some, ground-floor windows if you live in a high crime, or isolated area.

Upgrading your security system

While you may already have a burglar alarm fitted for your home, outdoor security systems are also useful to help deter criminals in the first instance, and prevent them from getting anywhere near your windows and doors. The two options below could give you added protection against intruders:

  • Motion sensing lights

Lighting up an area when motion is sensed within a predetermined range, these serve to illuminate any criminal activity and compromise their cover.

  • Security cameras

A worthwhile addition to your exiting home security system, these can be placed exactly where you want them, and can of course act as a deterrent for criminals, while also being able to provide you with important evidence in the event that a crime does take place.

If you’re concerned about the security of any of the windows in your home, don’t leave it until it’s too late; schedule a consultation with a licensed locksmith in your locality, today.