Choosing the Best Garage Door Style for Your Home

Nowadays, homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to garage doors, and knowing what type of door would best suit your home, can feel a bit overwhelming. However, if you’re looking to replace your existing garage door, or have one added to your newly constructed home, the following guidance cold help you make an informed decision:

Traditional garage doors

Garage doors known as panel models, are by and large the most popular style for American homeowners, and a raised panel door garage door can classically complement your home. 

Carriage house garage doors

These doors look best when paired with a colonial or Victorian style home, and are a nod to the days when homeowners used to store their carriages in small buildings next to their home.

Modern garage doors

Often made out of aluminum and glass, these contemporary doors enable you to customize the amount of natural light and degree of privacy for your home.

What material should your garage door be made from?

While steel remains a popular choice for many homeowners, thanks to its durability and strength, more and more people are choosing wooden garage doors for their natural beauty.

Steel garage doors

For all-round performance and great value, steel is hard to beat. Strong and long lasting, steel doesn’t easily dent and can withstand thousands of garage door cycles, unlike wood, vinyl and fiberglass, it’s also relatively cheap. Having been used for garage doors for decades, steel continues to be a leader in garage door sales.

Aluminum and glass garage doors

While not having the same structural strength as garage doors made from steel, aluminum garage doors are still a great alternative thanks to being lightweight and resistant to external elements. Never rusting or deteriorating in wet conditions, aluminum garage doors are more than capable of giving steel doors a run for their money under certain conditions. For example, if you live near the coast and your garage door is likely to be affected by saltwater, an aluminum garage door won’t rust like some other materials will, and salt-laden air can be carried a long way from the shore, so it’s a very real consideration for coastal dwellers.

Wooden garage doors

A little more expensive than other materials, a wooden garage door can add a unique and naturally attractive look to your home, and in many cases, complement it to increase its curb appeal.

Perhaps the best way of choosing the right style and material for your new garage door, is to browse the choices thoroughly, and talk to a garage door installation specialist, who will be able to give you up to date and accurate guidance.