Choosing the Best Security Systems for Your Home

With so many home security systems to choose from, knowing which one will best meet all of your needs, while remaining within your budget, can be tricky. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a few helpful pointers to get you started on your home security system search:

Features of home security systems

Firstly, think carefully about exactly what you want to protect, and what you want your system to be capable of doing; this will have a profound effect upon what you can and can’t afford. Smart home automation and security equipment are the two main security systems for helping to protect you and your home:

Smart home automation

Adjusting to your family’s schedule and preferences, this smart technology can program your lights to be switched on when you’re not at home, or let a family member in when you’re away, for example.

Security equipment

Burglar alarms, glass break detectors and outdoor CCTV are just some of the more traditional home security systems designed to help if you’re worried about intruders.  

What are the features of common home security systems and equipment?

Available from most reputable security companies and in some cases, your local licensed locksmith, listed below are some of the most popular security systems and their capabilities:

  • Doorbell camera – able to record anyone on your front step and allows you to speak to them, remotely
  • Spotlight camera – when motion is sensed, the surrounding area lights up
  • Door/window sensor – alerts you when a door or window has been opened
  • Glass break sensor – alerts you to loud noises and glass breaking
  • Motion sensor – alerts you when motion is detected
  • Smart home integration –combines both your security system and your smart home devices for the ultimate in smart tech protection
  • Wireless monitoring – using radio signals to connect several devices in your home, the sensors can then send alerts to the base station, and onto the monitoring center

What size security system should you buy?

Most small homes, such as apartments, require smaller, less complex security systems with fewer sensors, and a security systems expert such as your local locksmith can advise you better.

The bigger your home, the more entrances, exits and windows you’ll need to cover with cameras and motion sensors.

How much should you spend on a home security system?

While you can of course, spend as much as you like, you’ll most likely be working to a budget, and each security system has different tiers of services and prices, along with pros and cons.

Consulting with someone who understands home security better than most, such as a licensed locksmith, can help you make sense of the systems and choose one that adequately meets your home security needs, while not breaking your budget.

You might think that a locksmith will always point you towards the most expensive home security systems that they sell and install, but reputable ones will analyze your needs and advise you of the best system for you and your circumstances, without going for a hard sell simply to make money.