Choosing The Right Lock For The Front Of Your Home

For peace of mind and to protect homes in the best way possible, most will have doorknobs and deadbolts on the doors at the front of the property. The main entranceway will doubtless have a doorknob and a key, along with a deadbolt. Deadbolts are single or double sided, and for most front doors, a single sided deadbolt with a thumb turn is the best option. For doors with glass or windows, a double-sided bolt would work best.


Here are a few more tips and pointers for ensuring that the front of your home is as well protected as it can be:

Get all locks and deadbolts properly installed

When it comes to the safety and protection of your home, your belongings and your family, nothing comes more highly recommended than to use the services of a professional locksmith. When you do so you’re left with no doubt that the product has been fitted correctly, as if it hasn’t, you could be putting a whole lot of things at risk, including lives.

Talk to a locksmith about your security options

Security need not come at a cost, and if you conduct a little research or better yet, talk to your local locksmith, you’ll be able to find a lock that suits your budget and your security needs. If you’re simply looking to replace or upgrade an old lock, find out exactly what needs replacing, as it may be that you only need a new cylinder rather than brand new hardware.

Choosing a lock that can’t be picked

With criminals using many more means to try and illegally enter residential properties, there is often little they will stop at, and if a lock can be picked easily, they will doubtless try. If lock picking is a threat in your locality, then you should consult with a locksmith who can advise you better. In general, as a deterrent for criminals, the hardware should be solid and heavy and so should the lock and strike plate that your bolts will extend into.

Always research your lock options

While talking to your local locksmith is of course, highly recommended, you can also do some research of your own, and watching a product being used in real time on video, is a great way of ensuring that the product you might want to buy, is trustworthy. Conversely, if a video exists of a lock being picked or easily destroyed in real time, then you know to avoid that one.

You should also invest in good, solid locks throughout your home and for any side, or back exits and entrances, too, as if the front of your property faces onto a street or road, then a savvy and determined criminal may head for the side or rear to try and remain undetected. Couple your locks with other security measures such as motion detecting lights and a burglar alarm, for complete protection of your home and its contents.