Could Swapping to A Mul-T-Lock Give You More Security?

A key is a key is a key…well, no, not really. Not all keys are the same, and certainly, they don’t all give the same level of security. When it comes to protecting your home or your business, you want to have confidence that the locks you’ve chosen will protect it (and you) adequately, and a high-security locking system can usually be relied upon to do the job more than adequately. The Mul-T-Lock forms part of such a high-security system, and they have long been proven to provide levels of protection far superior to other locks.

So, could swapping to a Mul-T-Lock give you more security?

What are the advantages of the Mul-T-Lock?

Below are the top 4 advantages of swapping to a Mul-T-Lock to protect your home or business:

  • Mul-T-Locks are hard to pick

This type of lock offers home and business owners the best security around, not least because they are much harder to pick than traditional locks. Made with extremely strong materials such as hardened steel and various patented technologies, the Mul-T-Lock is pick, pry and drill resistant. Meeting - and in many cases, exceeding – rigorous industry tests, the Mul-T-Lock can only be opened using the key that matches it, deterring burglars and intruders.

  • The Mul-T-Lock cannot easily be copied

While standard, traditional keys can easily be copied using a variety of methods, this is not the case with the Mul-T-Lock. No copy will be made of any Mul-T-Lock key without the official Key Order Card, and only those dealers authorized to deal with Mul-T-Locks, are permitted to do so.

  • One key can fit all

If you swapped your home or business to Mul-T-Lock systems, you could open all the locks with just one key, with a master key upgrade. No more clunky keys weighing you down, and no more scrabbling around to find the right key out of a big bunch of them.

  • You can keep your existing door hardware

When it comes to getting a new lock, if you choose a traditional one, you’ll usually have to replace the entire door knob or handle, which can be a nuisance and an additional expense if you really like your existing hardware. Choose to upgrade to a Mul-T-Lock however, and you can hang onto all your decorative hardware.

If security is important to you (and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be), then the Mul-T-Lock really does tick all the boxes. To upgrade to the Mul-T-Lock security system today, reach out to your local, licensed locksmith.