Could Your Windows Be Vulnerable to Burglars?

For many homeowners, we tend to think only about securing our main entry points such as doors, and assume that if our windows are closed, that’s enough to keep burglars out. However, with a shockingly high percentage of burglars entering homes through open or unlocked windows – especially on the first floor – are your windows vulnerable to burglars?

Read through the following guidance to know more about the security of your windows, and for more detailed information about securing them, simply call up your local, licensed locksmith, who will be happy to advise you:

Do you have window locks?

Window locks are the simplest and most effective deterrent for burglars, and if you don’t have any, it might be time to think about having some professionally installed. There are several different types of locks for windows, and your locksmith will be able to tell you which will work best for your particular windows:

  • Pin locks

These stop your windows from being lifted up from the outside and inside, and are especially effective for protecting ground floor windows.

  • Sash locks

These are most often used for double-hung windows, such as those that open from both the top and bottom, and allow the window to be opened and locked in place. If you, like many Americans, like to have the window open a crack while you sleep, this lock will stop a burglar from being able to open it any wider and get in.

  • Hinged wedge locks

This is used only for double-hung windows, and if you want to be able to open the window a little, the lock can be fitted higher up on the frame.

While securing your windows with locks is obviously a great idea and fantastic deterrent for burglars, they’re no use if the rest of your home is vulnerable to intruders. Making sure your doors are secured properly with high security locks is essential for all homes, and below are some additional security measures you can take to boost your homes level of protection:

Invest in an outdoor security system

While your locksmith can talk to you in greater detail about an outside security system, they invariably include such things as burglar alarms, motion-sensing lights and cameras.

When it comes to motion-sensing lights, these will illuminate the area in which activity has been sensed, and if a burglar has walked into their range, they’ll be lit up like a Christmas tree! This naturally means that not only can they be clearly seen by anyone inside the house or passing nearby, but their method of gaining entry will be thwarted; both will act as a fantastic deterrent. 

For security cameras, you can decide exactly where you want to put them, and a licensed locksmith can help you determine any weak entry points to your home that may attract criminal activity.

It’s always a good idea to have your home thoroughly assessed by a locksmith, as they can check not just your windows, but every potential access point to your home, and help you address all of your security concerns.