Everything You Need To Know About Fireproof Safes

If you’re going to invest in a safe to protect your valuable or precious items, then you may as well do it right and purchase a fireproof one. Buying a safe with the highest fire rating will naturally give a safe and the items stored within, the highest protection should it be engulfed in flames, but did you know how they are made fireproof?


Some are made using gypsum boards:

Gypsum boards (or drywall) are simply placed between the metal sheets of the safe, and in the event of a fire, the boards which are rich in hydrate, ensure that the internal temperature of the safe is kept at an appropriate level. Due to the hydrates, the safe becomes full of water vapor which helps to achieve the right balance between humidity and heat. However, while this will maintain a safe temperature for a short period, if the fire is sustained or prolonged, it will not be as effective.

Fire-proof safes made using concrete composites:

Some fireproof safes are sealed with a composite material and intumescent tubes, giving the safe the very best protection against fire damage. While these safes are certainly heavy – meaning you would need to place them somewhere very secure and where they need not be moved frequently – and are the costliest option, they do offer the ultimate protection against fire and are a fantastic investment since they don’t need to be replaced often like some other types of safe.

Just how effective are fireproof safes?

Provided you purchase a fireproof safe that has passed the required, official tests, then it will absolutely be effective in the event of a fire. If buying a safe here in the states, then you should look for those that are UL72 passed; the UL is otherwise known as Underwriters Laboratories and is the largest test institute of its kind in the US.

Institutes such as the UL will test the safes by maintaining the interior temperature of the safe at 125 degrees Fahrenheit, while the safe is placed inside a furnace that will reach up to 1850 degrees. 2 hours later, the furnace will be cooled with the safe still inside it, but the whole cooling process can take up to 3 days and only once this time is up and the interior temperature of the safe has been tested, can they analyse the safes performance and give it its fire rating. After the rigorous testing, if the items within the safe are undamaged, then it will be given its UL72 score.

For the ultimate protection of your valuables, a fireproof safe is a sound investment that you can always rely on and which will give you peace of mind for years to come.