Finding A Locksmith You Can Trust As A Landlord

If you’re a landlord, then you may have experienced issues with your tenants, and one of these might be that they’ve locked themselves out or have misplaced their keys. Such calls often come at an inconvenient time and may even be in the middle of the night, meaning that you must drag yourself out of bed and head over to the property with a spare set of keys. However, if you use the property management and facilities service that many professional locksmiths offer, this problem could easily and conveniently, be avoided.


You might need such a service for other occasions too; as a landlord, here’s more about what a locksmith can offer you:


Changing the locks when tenants move out:


For many landlords, it’s their policy to change all the locks each time a tenant vacates the property, and while you can’t always know whether a tenant has made themselves a copy, you know that you’re doing everything from your side to keep the property as secure as possible. The easiest and most convenient way of doing this is to set up a contract with a locksmith who can be at your service during a changeover of tenants. If you have a lot of tenants in the same building, such as students, then the locksmith can change locks and make any repairs to existing locks all in one go, while they are there on site.


Upgrading locks to keypad systems:


As technology advances, more apartment complexes, condominiums and businesses are making the shift to keypad entry systems instead of traditional locks, and your local locksmith can help you make the upgrade. Not only will they install the new systems, but they will help you learn how to use them, including programming and resetting them as and when necessary.


Safety advice and expert guidance:


Locksmiths will know how best to protect your property and will be available to talk you through your security options, including replacing, repairing and upgrading any existing systems. They will also be on hand to guide you should your safety requirements change for any reason, such as after a break-in.


Help for lock outs:

As mentioned previously, lock outs are an inevitable occurrence for all landlords to deal with at some stage or another, and if you have a trustworthy and reliable locksmith available for call outs at all hours, then you have no need to go to the property at all when a tenant is unable to unlock the door to the property. In many cases, tenants can even be charged for such a service, especially if it happens outside of normal working hours, making a call out fee for the locksmith, not the landlords concern.


If you’re a new landlord, it makes sense to locate a trustworthy local locksmith before your tenants even move in, that way you need not worry unnecessarily if there are any issues with the locks, keys or general security of the property, at any time during a tenancy period.



Having a locksmith, you can trust and use on a regular basis for your rental properties can save time and money. So, don’t delay call today to find out more information on the services offered in your area.