Giving Your Business Premises The Protection It Needs

Second guessing whether your business premises are adequately protected is never a good idea, so why not check some of these ways to protect your most valuable business assets, and see if you’re giving your premises the protection it needs:


  • Locks and padlocks

All locks placed on external and internal security doors should be double-cylinder deadbolts with removable collars. All deadbolts should have a one-inch throw containing a hardened steel insert and protected by a latch guard.

All padlocks need to be made of hardened steel to be give the most resistance against the efforts of a burglar, mounted on bolted hasps, and locked all the time. It’s also a good idea to hide serial numbers to stop new keys from being made by someone with criminal intent.

  • Solid exterior and security doors

Solid, metal lined doors secured with heavy metal crossbars should be in place at all exterior entrances and exits, with solid door jambs and all exposed hinges pinned securely to prevent them from being removed.

  • Secure windows

Never focus solely on the doors to the premises and ensure that each window is fitted with a secure lock that works. You can also have the glass of your windows treated so that they become resistant to burglars.

  • Lighting

Always ensure that the perimeter of your premises is brightly lit, especially around entrances and exit points, and fit them with vandal-proof covers to give them extra protection against intruders.

  • Alarm systems

Have a high-quality alarm system installed by a licensed alarm specialist and be sure to check it daily to ensure that it’s in full working order. Advertising the fact that your premises are fitted with a security system may act as a deterrent, too.

  • Safes and strongboxes

You may need more than one safe or strongbox (or both) depending on how much sensitive data or items you need to store, and both should be fireproof, burglar-resistant and secured safely in a room where it can clearly be seen. If a person who had access to the safe leaves the company, then be sure to alter the combination.

  • Clear the perimeters

Storing trash cans or dumpsters close to the building may be just what a burglar needs to help him reach a window to break in. Make sure that the perimeter of your premises is kept clear and doesn’t provide intruders with any cover or opportunities to hide from cameras or lights.

Your local locksmith is a great person to speak to about the safety of your business premises, and they will advise you on the best ways to protect it, and keep it protected.