Guidance for Choosing A Deadbolt Lock for Your Home

Deadbolt locks have long been a vital element of any security system, and they provide the additional security that most doors, both residential and commercial, require. If you’re trying to decide upon a deadbolt for your new home (or business), or simply need to upgrade or replace your existing lock system, talking with a qualified locksmith will help you get the most up-to-date and honest advice. However, it doesn’t hurt to be armed with a little information of your own before chatting with an expert:

Should you choose a single, or double-cylinder lock?

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each type of deadbolt lock:

Single-cylinder deadbolts

Typically found in most US homes, the single-cylinder lock is more practical, affordable and convenient for everyday use, saving time on locking and unlocking. Using a thumb turn to lock or unlock a door from the inside, is a convenience most homeowners have become used to, and coupled with their practicality and cost-effectiveness, they remain a more popular choice than double-cylinder deadbolt locks.

However, while they are extremely convenient, they are typically not as secure as double-cylinder options, and have the potential to afford canny intruders’ easier access to a home, while also being easier for kids to use.

Double-cylinder deadbolts

While not as common as single-cylinder deadbolt locks, they do offer an enhanced level of security for homeowners, especially in the case of doors featuring glass panels. Easily smashed by a criminal, with a single-cylinder deadbolt, the intruder could simply reach their hand through and turn the lock on the other side to gain entry to your home. With a double-cylinder lock on the other hand, an intruder still won’t be able to get in without a key. This added level of security also helps prevent young children from being able to unlock the door and wander out into the street.

That said, it’s important to note that in an emergency situation, having to locate a key to be able to open the door and get outside, could prove a significant liability. Paramedics and other emergency response teams may also find it hard to enter the property to reach anyone trapped or injured inside.

Who can help you decide which deadbolt would be best?
Security specialists such as locksmiths, are the best people to talk to about home security, and most will perform a thorough risk assessment of your property to help identify any weak spots, and then advise you on how best to beef up your security, to better protect you and your family.

Can you install a deadbolt yourself?
Unless you’re a qualified security expert, it isn’t recommended to try and install a deadbolt yourself; the consequences of not doing it correctly not only you’re your home and its contents in jeopardy, but you and your family’s safety, too.
For a correctly installed deadbolt lock, to give you the best protection for your home, pop into your local locksmiths, or call them up to schedule a security assessment and lock installation.