Home Protection For Your Firearms Part Two

Aside from the safe keeping of your firearms at home to prevent individuals from getting their hands on them and putting lives at risk, there are other things to think about when protecting your guns:


Can you get an insurance discount?

It’s worth checking with your insurance agent to see if you can get a discount for owning a safe for your firearms. Some do offer them for gun safes, fire-rated safes, true safes and other security measures.

A fire-resistant safe can keep more than just your guns secure:

While you may not think that your home would ever be affected by a significant fire, the risk is always there, and having your guns and other valuables stored in a safe that offers protection from a fire, would go some way to ensuring that your losses are minimized.

Can you quickly access your guns if needed?

Safe storage of your guns at home is paramount, but should you need to get to them in an emergency, can you do so quickly? A range of manufacturers have produced safes for guns in many different sizes, and with locks that can be opened in a matter of seconds. Sometimes, in the event of an emergency, you have a very short of space of time in which to get your home protection gun, so when you’re browsing gun safe models, be sure to test how quick it is to open.

Having all your guns in one place is also helpful, and depending on how many you own, you should be able to find one that can fit them all in.

Different laws for concealed weapons:

States have differing laws surrounding the safe keeping of concealed weapons, with some even specifying whether they are permitted to be kept inside a vehicle, whose property you can park on with a gun in your car, if it has to be locked up, unloaded and what the term ‘unloaded’ even means.

It may be that a vehicle safe, or portable one that you can have in your vehicle, helps ensure that you don’t break any gun laws with your concealed weapon. This also prevents you from having to pop your trunk open to place your gun inside and secure it, an act which can clearly signify to anyone watching that you have a firearm in your trunk.

Could you get tax credits for owning a gun safe?

There are in fact, a few states that offer tax credits if you buy a gun safe, and some are exempt from sales tax. When shopping for a safe for your guns, be sure to check whether it complies with the requirements for a tax credit, since some need to have a test rating of UL 1037 Residential Security Container.

There may also be the possibility of a write-off if you store tax documents and/or business papers in a fire-rated safe.

For more detailed advice and guidance on how to keep your guns secure at home, and to discuss the range of fire-rated safes on offer, do reach out to your local safe provider and installer.