Honda Ignition Problems A Locksmith Can Fix

With many locksmith services employing technicians trained in replacement Honda car keys and ignitions, no longer is there the need for Honda drivers to visit the dealership to get these problems fixed.

Below are some common Honda key and ignition problems that your local locksmith can fix for you:

Car lockouts, for Honda’s and many other models
No matter where you are, or even what time of day it is, your local locksmith can supply you with a new key and program your transponder chip too. Many are also able to provide you with a duplicate remote-control fob, too.

Lock and ignition failures
It’s not uncommon to experience issues with the door and ignition locks on a Honda, with the door lock often starting to stick and becoming hard to open, while the key may be difficult to insert or remove from the lock. It’s also not uncommon for the key to get stuck in the door lock, or to break off in it, and in this instance, simply lubricating it doesn’t help. This is because the wafers inside the lock are bending, causing it to fail, and only a rekey or lock repair will help fix the problem.

There are also occasions when a Honda ignition key has worn down, in which case a locksmith will simply make a new factory key by code, and reprogram the new key into the car.

If your Honda’s ignition is experiencing any of the following problems, then it could be time to call a locksmith:

  • The key won’t turn in the ignition
  • The ignition is sticking
  • The key is dirty once removed or turned
  • The key won’t move at all and is locked in position
  • The key won’t turn in the ignition, or is stuck in it
  • The key is stuck in the door lock

Honda models most at risk of key, lock and ignition problems are Honda Civic, Honda Pilot, Honda Accord, Honda Odyssey, CRV and Honda Element.

You don’t need to replace the steering column for a malfunctioning ignition
In this instance, a locksmith can remove the lock and rekey it to match your existing key, while modifying the lock to help prevent the problem from occurring in the future; there is no need to replace the steering column or ignition.

The beauty of all these simple solutions to Honda key and ignition problems, is that there is absolutely no need to take your car to the dealership or a local mechanic, and wait for hours while an appointment is scheduled. A reputable locksmith specializing in auto key, lock and ignition repairs (as many do) will come to you, and usually as quickly as possible. Not only that, but the cost is usually a lot less than the dealership will charge you. So, if you’ve got a Honda that’s giving you ignition trouble, you know who to turn to!