How Best To Secure Your Commercial Doors

While investing in essential security systems for your business is of course a fantastic and sensible idea, these measures are all but useless if the commercial doors themselves aren’t secure. With smarter criminals prepared to do even more to gain illegal access to homes and businesses, you need secure commercial doors that will work in tandem with your security systems.

Below is some guidance for securing your commercial doors:

Begin by choosing the best doors for your type of business:

With doors coming in the style of overhead, fire-rated, roll-up, scissor gates and many more, it’s important that you consult with a commercial door specialist (which in some cases, is also your local, licensed locksmith), to get the strongest and most suitable doors for your business.

You’ll also need to consider what you want your door to be made from, steel, wood or perhaps fiberglass?

A solid-core door is imperative, not hollow-core, as the latter is simply not secure enough for external use.

Select a lock with the highest security grade:

Security locks are categorized based on the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and can be Grade 1, Grade 2, or Grade 3.

  • Grade 1 rated security locks – these give the best level of protection and are strongly recommended for businesses with high-traffic that require optimal security.
  • Grade 2 rated security locks – not as effective as Grade 1 rated locks, these offer an average level of protection and are sometimes chosen by smaller businesses and startups.
  • Grade 3 rated security locks – for rooms that require little security, these locks may be suitable, but they should never be used for external commercial doors; the level of protection simply isn’t high enough.

Get your commercial door hardware professionally installed

It’s always tempting to try and do things yourself when it comes to your business, after all, you can save money that way, however, as is often the case if something isn’t professionally installed, mistakes made when doing so can lead to costly fixes, especially if the problem isn’t spotted immediately.

Begin by checking the frame of your commercial doors, and if you have any concerns over their strength, consult with a professional locksmith, who will have a lot of experience of working with such doors. If necessary, your local locksmith may recommend that you reinforce the doorframe using materials such as jam pins and strike plates.

You could also reinforce the door itself, by having a door wrap professionally installed to prevent it from splitting.

How to get the most secure commercial doors?

While the right choice of door is certainly a start, you must invest in security locks and upgrade your hardware if you want to make your commercial doors as secure as they can possible be; protecting your business, employees and customers, too.

For more detailed advice and guidance about securing your commercial doors, a professional door installation company (or even your local locksmith), are your best source of information.