How Not to Be a Victim of Lock Bumping

With less than 40% of home intrusions in the U.S. showing any signs of forced entry, burglars are clearly finding effective ways to get into our homes, and oftentimes, this involves lock bumping. A technique that has become popular since around 2002, it enables burglars to bypass the most common door locks.

Let’s look at the method in more detail and how you can prevent becoming a victim of it:

What is lock bumping?

What was once a technique used only by locksmiths to safely disassemble locks, is now being used by burglars, and involves a ‘bump key’ being used to align the pins in a standard cylinder. Once a small amount of pressure is then applied on the key, it is ‘bumped’ and the plug slides open.

While not all homes are susceptible to lock bumping, unfortunately, most are. Cylinder locks containing a pin tumbler mechanism are found in many U.S. homes, making them easy targets for burglars and intruders.

What can you do to prevent lock bumping?

Safeguarding your locks against the lock bumping technique and taking additional security measures to ensure that your home doesn’t appeal to criminals, are the first steps you can take to protect your home and family from unwanted intrusions.

Below are some of the ways to prevent your home falling prey to lock bumping criminals:

  • Swapping to high security locks

Locks that can’t be picked, are always going to offer the best protection for your home, for obvious reasons. Consult with your local, licensed locksmith to find out more about the best bump-resistant, high-security locks for your home.

  • Installing anti-bump lock guards

While these are no substitute for high-security locks, they are a cost-effective solution that can easily be fitted on your door. Thumb-turn guards are the most common type of anti-bump lock fixtures, but while it does prevent the lock from being bumped, it also prevents it from unlocking on the outside. 

  • Keyless deadbolt locks

In much the same way as anti-bump lock guards, these are not as convenient because they can only be turned from the inside, but keyless deadbolt locks do make the lock completely pick/bump-proof from the outside.

  • Home security system

If you’ve got a modern security system installed in your home, and have motion sensor lights covering the entrances to your home - and even security cameras - you’re always going to make your home less of a target for burglars. Couple this with high-security locks, and clear the area surrounding your home of any convenient hiding spots, and burglars will likely pass by your property when scanning the neighborhood for homes to burglarize. 

If you’re concerned that the security of your home is making you vulnerable to burglars and intruders, drop in to your local locksmiths for a chat and schedule a professional assessment of your home to highlight and address any gaps in security that might be present.