How To Make Your Patio Doors More Secure

Many homes have been improved by the addition of glass patio doors, whether sliding or otherwise, thanks to the extra light they allow in, and the fact that they typically open out onto a deck or other such attractive outdoor space. That said, if they’re not secured properly, they can make your home vulnerable to thieves and intruders. Check out some of the following methods for securing your patio doors and keeping your home safe:

Dowel rods

Fitting into the track of the sliding patio door, dowel rods prevent the glass pane from sliding across the track, and even if a thief manages to undo the latch on the door, they still won’t be able to get it open because of the dowel rod holding it shut from the other side. While you can install a dowel rod yourself, if you’re unsure, you can always seek help from a security specialist such as your local locksmith.

Security sensor

Notifying you by triggering an alarm when your patio doors have been opened in your absence, or without your permission, a security sensor can be a useful security measure when you’re away from home. And once turned off, it doesn’t impede the doors when they are in use.

Shatter alarm

Able to detect the sound of glass breaking and vibrations when the glass pane of your patio doors is struck, and sound an alarm to alert you, a shatter alarm is an

Sheet metal screws or washers

Acting as a stopper that prevents the glass in the patio door from being elevated past that height, sheet metal screws or washers can be inserted into the top of the frame or even into the track itself.

Reinforced, high-security locks

The majority of standard patio door locks are pretty easy to force open, especially for someone determined or desperate to gain access, and offer little in the way of dependable security. While the addition of dowel rods can be helpful in this instance, it makes more sense to consult with your local locksmith and see if the locks can be replaced with heavy-duty ones. Some locks are designed especially for sliding glass doors and can be double bolted to make them harder to tamper with than the standard latches.

The proper tools and diligence help ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of sliding glass without the risks. Check your sliding glass every night before going to bed to ensure that all doors and windows are locked, the dowel rods are in place, and any sensors on the glass are active. Repair any damage to your sliding glass as soon as you discover it to keep your home’s perimeter in the best condition possible.

Not sure how secure your patio doors are? Check with your local locksmith.

For anyone who doesn’t know the in’s and outs of locks, it’s not always easy to know whether your doors and windows are secure enough. However, a quick chat with your local, licensed locksmith should help, and if necessary, they can even perform a thorough security assessment of your entire home, to give you the peace of mind you deserve.