How To Properly Store Your Electronic Devices In A Safe

The modern world is full of electronic devices, many of which are of high value, and not just for their cost, but because of the information stored in them. As may already be the case for some of us, our devices are more valuable to thieves than other items such as gold and jewellery, making keeping them safe a high priority.


While many modern households and businesses have safes to store valuable items in, there are a few things to take into consideration when storing electronic equipment for extended periods of time:

How to prepare your electronic devices before storage:

It’s important that you take the time to clean your electronic equipment before it goes into the safe, as dust can quickly bung up air vents, trap heat and humidity and even go on to generate static electricity. It also means that when you want to take your items out of storage and begin using them, they should function perfectly well right away.

Disconnect all wires to ensure that each item doesn’t get damaged or tangled up when being removed.

It’s advisable to wrap electronic devices in a clean cloth before storage to help prevent dust from gathering on them, and this will also help to protect them from getting scraped or damaged when being moved or taken in and out of the safe. If your safe is large enough, you might want to consider placing them into a box for further protection and ease of storage.

What not to do when storing electronic devices:

If your electronic equipment is going to be stored for any significant period of time, then you must remember to remove any batteries since eventually, the cells will degrade and if the seal breaks, then the highly corrosive chemical compound potassium hydroxide will leak out and cause severe, permanent damage to the electronics.

Never use plastic to wrap electronic items in before storage; this is the quickest way to damage your devices as moisture and humidity can become trapped inside as the plastic ‘sweats’.

Once you’ve disconnected the wires from your electronic equipment, don’t be tempted to simply throw them all together into a box and dump them in the back of a cupboard somewhere. Even if you remember where you’ve put the box months down the line, you may damage the wires when removing them and untangling them, so it makes sense to store them in a labelled box and keep each set of wires separate and tangle free.

If you haven’t invested in a quality safe for storing your electronic devices yet, why not call up your local safe supplier and talk through your options with the qualified staff there? If you’ve invested in your electronics, then it’s a no brainer to invest in keeping them safe from harm and the risk of theft.