Ideas for Upgrading Your Garage Door

While some homeowners don’t consider their garage door to be a vital element of their home, the role that it plays is actually a significant one, and the condition and style of a door can have a huge impact on the overall look of a home.

If you do care about your garage door and want to ensure that it complements your home, here are some style ideas for replacing your existing door with a new, upgraded model:

Think stylish Spanish Hacienda

If your home has been constructed in a Mediterranean or adobe style, then a Spanish, hacienda type door with wooden features, Iberian arches, rustic hinges and ornate handles, could complement it perfectly.

Panels with frosted glass

If you use your garage for things other than simply storing vehicles or other large items in, then a door with frosted panels built in could help keep the light in, and the criminals out.

Glass panels

Provided the glass panels are set into the very top of the door, secure glass panels could still allow natural light in while not giving thieves a clear picture of what your garage contains.

An earthy, country style

Even if your home isn’t in the countryside, choosing a door with neutral earth tones and diagonal wooden beams on the top and bottom, could help give your home a country cottage look, while still being ultra-secure.

Stable doors without the horses!

These doors are another simple but highly effective way to give your home an old-world look. Stained wood and glass panels on the top are made to resemble an old horse barn, and can give your home a charming, rustic effect.

Sleek and modern

For a home with a more contemporary style, a sleek garage door with no added panels or effects could be the ideal, minimalist choice.

Curved lines

Instead of always sticking to garage doors with regular, straight lines, why not go for a door with curved lines and really make your home stand out from those of your neighbors.

Wooden doors

Whether you choose natural pine or cedar (or a wood effect), you can give your home a warm, homey look and make it inviting for guests, and a striking feature within your neighborhood.

The truth is, there are hundreds of ways to make your garage door complement your home and give its curb appeal a significant push in the right direction. To discover more designs and materials for upgrading your garage door, reach out to your local garage door expert.