Improve Your Home Security and Lower Your Insurance Rate

If your property is kitted out with a state of the art security system, then you’re doubtless your insurance providers best friend! Minimizing the risk of property theft and damage, a security system can prove to be a very worthwhile investment, not least because it helps to protect you, your home and your treasured belongings, but also because it can save you up to 20% on the cost of home insurance.

If your home insurance rates are high and you’re looking for ways to lower them and save some money while still having adequate coverage, then installing a security system could be a very wise investment.

Home security systems offer the ultimate in protection:

Modern home security systems can greatly reduce the risk of burglary and theft, and since modern criminals know how to spot one when they see it, they’ll instantly be deterred from trying to break into your home and steal items of value, or harm you and anyone else who might be inside the property. From CCTV to keyless entry control, home security systems are an effective safety precaution and valuable investment.

Save money on your home insurance premiums with a home security system:

Did you know that your home insurance premiums could fall by as much as 20% if you install a comprehensive security system in your home? Insurers are given more confidence in the fact that you are far less likely to make a theft or criminal damage claim when you have a home security system, since it will act as a fantastically effective deterrent.

A home security system could limit the risk of cost hikes:

Home insurance providers can choose to hike up their prices if they believe your home to be vulnerable to burglary or unlawful entry, but if you install a home security system, the chances of this happening is almost zero.

Improve the fire safety of your home with a home security system:

Fire damage is usually one of the costliest claims that home insurance companies face, but when you install a modern home security system you significantly reduce the risk of that happening. With smoke detectors and home fire sprinklers that work in conjunction with your security system, you can help detect smoke and carbon monoxide, and prevent your home from being at risk from a house fire or gas explosion.

Reduce your theft claim quota:

While your modern security system is busy protecting your home, it’s also helping to create a safer environment within your neighborhood, and this alone can help lead to a reduced theft claim quota. A safe neighborhood means less burglary claims will be filed, saving the insurance company money, a benefit which is passed down to you in the form of lower premiums.

A modern home security system can do so much more than just protect your property, and if you’re looking to lower your insurance premiums while getting all the benefits of an ultra-secure home, talk to your local security specialist or locksmith about installing a home security system, today.