Improving Business Security With An Access Control System

Most business premises are full of items of great value, whether it be equipment, furniture or sensitive documentation that should be kept safe and secure, not to mention the employees who work within the premises. With so much to protect, it’s important that as the owner of the business, you carefully consider your security options. One form of security that has consistently proven its worth for businesses small and large, is an Access Control System, and here’s how:


Access Control Systems and their advantages:

Keys can easily be lost or even copied, and as far as security is concerned, they can pose a very real threat. With an Access Control System on the other hand, businesses are afforded a much higher level of security in terms of protecting the premises and limiting access to certain areas. Requiring credentials for access, such a system relies upon passwords, key cards, key fobs or biometric authorizations, and your local, qualified locksmith can talk you through which might work best for you and your business.

Other benefits of Access Control Systems are:

  • Restricted entry to certain areas:

With an Access Control System, entry to certain areas of your business premises can easily be restricted, and finger prints, retina scans or palm veins for example, can be used to allow or deny entry to employees based upon their level of authority and security clearance.

  • A detailed audit trail:

Detecting suspicious entries to your premises is made much easier with an Access Control System, and valid credentials can easily be revoked wherever necessary. Not only that, but such a system enables you to effectively track and back up all activity for the purposes of an audit. Should an incident have occurred on your premises, then determining who was where when it happened it made much simpler, and many other employee issues can be resolved using the audit trail, too.

  • The very best in control and surveillance:

Did you know that many Access Control Systems can allow you to control all locks and doors at your business premises remotely, using a Master System? With this, you’re afforded ultimate control over all entrances to the premises, and when they are linked with a surveillance system (which they can be, and very simply) you can have even more control over who enters certain areas on the premises. In the event of an emergency, the whole building can be locked down at the touch of a button, even if you’re not there.

  • The need for key replacements is eliminated:

When a key is lost or stolen, the only way to be sure that unauthorised access to the business premises cannot be gained, is to rekey every single door on site, and this can be costly and time consuming. With an Access Control System and its key cards, however, they can easily be deactivated and reissued as and when required, and key cards cannot be copied like traditional keys, further reducing the risk of unauthorized entries.

For more detailed advice and guidance about purchasing an Access Control System for your business premises, talk to your local locksmith about your options.