Is Your Commercial Locksmith Certified?

Choosing a certified, licensed locksmith to help you update your security systems and ensure that your commercial or residential property is protected, is always the best decision, but it’s important that you check their credentials before you use their services. A locksmith without certification, may not have the following skills and not be able to offer you the following advantages:

  • The very best training

Undergoing rigorous and extensive training at registered training organizations, to gain the relevant qualifications, credentials and security clearance necessary to become a professional, certified locksmiths learn how to install and repair a variety of locks. 

  • Only certified, licensed locksmiths have the relevant expertise

With expertise ranging from a deeper knowledge of security systems and technological advancements, to the most up-to-date skills, certified, licensed locksmiths are able to do so much more than simply replace, repair or install security systems and locks. They are perfectly placed to give advice as to which security systems, and which measures should be put in place, to best protect properties of all descriptions, and offer a huge variety of security options, such as master key, keyless and access control entry systems, rear door security devices and many, many more.

  • They’re bonded and insured

While all professional locksmiths carry out their work with great care and try not to damage anything on a customer’s property, accidents can happen, and may even be necessary to a certain degree, depending upon the nature of the installation or repair work. If the individual carrying out the work isn’t bonded and insured, the customer is responsible for any damage that they cause. A professional, certified, licensed, bonded and insured locksmith will take responsibility for any damage they cause, and provide the customer with compensation.

  • Certified, licensed locksmiths have all the most advanced equipment

A certified locksmith that is officially licensed and insured to carry out their work, will never go anywhere without a comprehensive toolkit and all the necessary equipment to provide high-quality installation services that are guaranteed to last for many, many years.

  • You can trust your certified locksmith

Because well-established, professional companies tend only to employ certified and licensed locksmiths, you’re typically guaranteed a more reliable and trustworthy experience when you hire one.

All certified, licensed, bonded and insured locksmiths will be willing and able to show you proof of their certification, along with identification and training qualifications if necessary. Any locksmith not willing to give you evidence of their professionalism, strongly suggests that they may not be certified and hence, cannot be trusted to carry out locksmith duties to a satisfactory standard.