Is Your Garage Secure Enough to Keep Criminals Out?

For many Americans, the garage also serves as an entranceway to the home, and that’s why you must ensure that your garage door is as secure as any other door that gives access to your home; try to think like a burglar while assessing the security of your garage door, and check whether you have taken any of the following safety measure:

Have you installed motion-activated flood lights?

These are a simple and cost-effective deterrent against criminals, and when placed near the garage doors and windows, will make most burglars think twice about trying to get into your garage.

Do you have a garage door sensor or automatic garage door closer?

Many of us accidentally leave our garage doors open, or do it while we’re away for just a few minutes, thinking that it’ll be okay to do so for a short period of time. However, burglars are often opportunistic and a few minutes can be all it takes for them to gain unlawful entry to your garage or home. With a door sensor and/or an automatic door closer, the door closes (and if you have an automatic door lock, will lock, too) after a certain amount of time.

Have you ensured all valuable items are out of sight?

This is a safety measure you can take that won’t cost you a dime; try not leave any items of value where they can easily be seen by someone looking in from the outside.

Do you have a smart garage door opener?

This enables you to open and close your garage door from anywhere using your smartphone, and in some cases, will alert you to when it has been opened in your absence. To discuss smart opener technology in more detail, talk to your local, professional locksmith today.

Have you adequately secured your side door?

Side doors can often be broken into out of sight of neighbors, and burglars love them as a means of gaining entry to a home. Standard locks can be defeated with a well-placed kick, so consider upgrading your door with a deadbolt, and reinforced strike plate. Your local locksmith can perform an assessment of any doors that lead into your home, not just your side doors, and advise you as to whether you should upgrade any of the locks and bolts. Of course, none of these measures are any good if you don’t remember to keep it locked, even when you’re inside your garage or home.

One locksmith’s recommendation for reinforcing side doors, is to upgrade the strike plate and hang a solid core door with a deadbolt.

To find out if your garage is secure enough, talk to your local locksmith about your existing security measures, and see if there are any ways in which it can be improved; most will be happy to give you free, nonbiased guidance.