Lost Your Car Keys? Call Your Local, Licensed Locksmith

Depending upon the circumstances under which you lost your car keys, and how urgently you require them, it can be a real pain and at the very least, an inconvenience that you could do without. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to involve a trip to your car dealership, and in the majority of cases, a licensed locksmith can reach you within a matter of minutes, and get you back in your car as soon as possible, even if your key is a transponder.

If you weren’t already aware that a locksmith could help you out if you lose your car keys, here is some additional information you may find useful:

Are you sure I don’t need to visit my car merchant if I lose my car keys?

In some cases, it’s not uncommon for the dealership who sold you your car, to tell you that if you lose your keys or need an extra one for any reason, you’ll have to return to them, and they’ll no doubt charge you a hefty sum for the privilege, too. When actually, a local automotive locksmith (and in fact, many locksmiths are trained to work with auto’s as well as buildings) could get you a replacement far quicker, and at a much lower cost.

What about if I have a transponder key?

Most locksmiths carry with them the tools and equipment necessary to perform their work with skill and efficiency, and once they receive a call to replace your transponder key, for example, they’ll be sure to have whatever they need for the job, on them when they arrive. Whether you drive a Ford, Honda or Lexus, no transponder key replacement is beyond the capabilities of a licensed locksmith.

With a built-in chip that sends signals to the ECU that the right key is being used, a transponder key enables the engine to be started, and a good locksmith that also works with automotive will have spare keys with the same chips that your car can be tuned with. While this service naturally costs more than a traditional car key replacement, it’s still cheaper than visiting the car merchant and a lot more convenient.

And for traditional car keys?

It’s pretty simple, meaning that if you ever lose your car keys, you don’t need to panic and make frantic calls to your car dealership. All you need to do, is call up your local, licensed locksmith (it helps to have their number stored in your contacts already), and have them make you a duplicate. While in the minority of cases you may need to purchase a new ignition lock cylinder and key from the automaker, this doesn’t happen often, and a call to the locksmith is enough to get you a replacement key, fast.

Find out if your local locksmith also deals with auto’s, store their number in your cell, and you can rest easy knowing that if you ever get locked out of your car for any reason, or simply lose your keys, they can get you back behind the wheel in next to no time.