Make Your Garage More Livable with These 7 Tips

Garages can be so much more than just cold, dreary spaces for storing all that stuff you should have gotten rid of years ago, and if you want to turn your garage into a more livable space, it’s absolutely doable with these simple tips:

  • Make clearly designed zones

Even if you do store a vehicle or important items in your garage, provided you create a defined space for each activity, the two (or several) should be able to co-exist quite happily. Use smart storage systems to hide ugly tools or seasonal items, and if you’re serious about sharing your garage with your belongings, buy some cheap but effective partitions to set up at intervals.

  • Turn the heat up

Depending on the size of your garage, you may or may not need to invest in a hanging gas-powered forced hot air unit and/or air conditioning unit, but a little heating and cooling can help make the space more enjoyable to be in when the mercury rises or the snow begins to fall.

  • Insulate it

Investing in insulation (which doesn’t have to cost a lot) means that your garage can maintain a comfortable temperature all year round, and you can even talk to your garage door specialist about getting an insulated door (or having the existing door fitted with insulation) to make your garage even cooler or cozier.

  • Get your garage plumbed

Your garage may already have a water line running through it, making it a simple task for a plumber to splice a line off and create a utility or sink. While it may only be possible to get cold water, you could install a tankless unit under the sink. Being able to wash your hands inside the garage without having to traipse through into your home, is always going to be useful, particularly if you’ve been tinkering with engine oil and parts and your hands are covered in grease!

  • Have Wi-Fi installed

An internet signal is a bonus no matter what room of your home you’re in, and even if your Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong enough in the garage, you can install an affordable and simple, signal booster.

  • Flooring

It might be enough to simply paint your garage floor, depending on what condition it’s in, or you might find it more convenient to buy some soft rubber floor tiles, which are comfortable to walk on, help to insulate sound and can easily be cleaned. If you’re going to be spending a significant amount of time in the garage, you’ll want the floor to be comfortable enough to stand and move around on.

  • Make your workshop, work!

Let’s face it, most men wanting to spend more time in their garages will be tinkering around with DIY projects at some stage, and it makes sense to have somewhere safe, convenient and big enough to store all your tools and/or equipment. However, if it’s going to be more of a relaxing space, then you can add some comfy furniture, a flatscreen TV and of course, a fridge to keep the beers cool!

Make sure that once you’ve finished making your garage more livable, that it’s fully secure and burglar proof, especially if you’ve added any items of worth to it. Talk to a garage specialist or locksmith if you’re worried that your garage may not be as secure as it could be.