Protect Your Business with These 4 Types of Locks

No matter what your business is about, it’s definitely worth protecting, and with many more businesses throughout the U.S. being targeted by desperate thieves, every day, keeping it safe and secure has never been more important.

While security systems with alarms, cameras and smart controls can work fantastically well at protecting businesses, there’s no doubt that sturdy locks go a long way to keeping burglars out, too.

Below are 4 of the best and most popular types of locks used by business owners the world over:

  1. Deadbolt locks

Arguably one of the most common locking mechanisms found in both homes and businesses today, deadbolts are made up of a bolt or knob on the inside of the door, and a second part known as a strike plate, on the exterior of the door.

Sliding into place when locked and stopping anyone from opening the door without first turning a key, these locks offer a much higher level of protection than push-button locks, for example.

  1. Electronic deadbolts

Consisting of a keypad on the exterior of the door that when a code is entered into, unlocks the door, these types of locks offer a very high level of security against anyone trying to force entry to the building.

More secure than mechanical deadbolts, electronic deadbolts require special equipment to operate them, and the most common lock in use today is the pushbutton lock. Requiring a small amount of electricity to activate the bolt, electronic deadbolts make it extremely hard for anyone to try and pick the lock undetected, and are more secure than standard deadbolts, which are vulnerable to picking. 

  1. Mechanical deadbolts

Operated by turning a knob or lever inside the door, mechanical deadbolts are not quite as secure as electronic deadbolts and are easier to pick.

  1. Combination locks

Padlocks are a classic example of a combination lock, and while they combine the strength of several different types of locks in one device, they can be vulnerable to criminals with bolt cutting tools, but otherwise, are a great way of keeping a building safe.

Should you have any questions about how best to secure your business, arrange to have your local, licensed locksmith visit the property and conduct a security assessment. Not only will this help to highlight any potential safety concerns, but you can have them arrange for any new locks and/or security systems to be installed then and there, to give you maximum protection.