Protecting Yourself & Your Home If You Live in A Bad Neighborhood

Not all of us can afford (or want) to live in high class, safe neighborhoods, and it’s an unfortunate reality that many people today, live in areas of towns and cities that have high crime rates. However, nobody can become complacent, no matter where they live, and we should all be taking steps to protect ourselves and our homes from criminals.

Here are 4 ways that you can help to protect yourself and your home if you live in a bad neighborhood, and note that these can of course (and should) apply to neighborhoods that are deemed safe:

Get friendly with your neighbors:

While it doesn’t mean that you have to become best buddies with your neighbor, at least getting to know them a little, can help indicate whether you’re safe living where you are (both from them and criminals), and can even help you form a community watch program if the need is there. If a neighborhood watch scheme already exists in your area, be sure to join it and help
keep yourself and your neighbors safe.

Upgrade your locks and invest in a home security system:

If you know that your locks are old, damaged or just in need of upgrading, reach out to your local locksmith and talk to them about your home security. It may cost you a little extra, but high-quality locks really are a sound investment, and can be a fantastic deterrent for criminals. If you can afford it and you’re into technology, why not have a home security system installed, either alongside your existing locks or as part of a complete overhaul of your home security, and give yourself total peace of mind. With 24/7 monitoring and a fast response, these systems can be hugely beneficial, and your local locksmith can discuss the options with you.

Have security cameras installed:

Good old technology has given us the option of wireless home security systems that don’t even require invasive installation; making them ideal for rented properties and apartments. A little less expensive than their hard-wired counterparts, they are nonetheless, equally as effective both in acting as a deterrent for criminals, and for allowing you to feel completely safe and at ease inside your home with a continual view of what’s going on around your property.

Don’t skip the simple stuff:

Make your home less tempting to criminals by not leaving valuable items in clear sight through windows when you’re away from home, or by leaving expensive things in your car overnight. Brightly lit areas always act as an instant deterrent for criminals, and while you might not want a light shining all the time through the night, you could choose a motion sensor light that illuminates the entrances when a person passes within their range.

Follow these simple but effective steps to keep yourself and your home safe, no matter where you live, but especially in those areas where crime rates are higher and incidents of burglary, are more frequent. And while becoming friendly with your neighbors is recommended, you’d be equally advised to stay on the right side of your local licensed locksmith and keep in touch with them should you have any concerns over your home security.