Reducing The Risk Of Theft In Retail Stores

Retail stores have long been prime targets for shoplifters and other types of thieves, and as a store owner, keeping the premises safe, secure and unappealing to criminals can feel like a losing battle. However, there are things that you can do to improve the security at your retail premises, and here’s how:


Cameras shouldn’t be hidden:

There are times and places for hidden cameras, but retail stores are not one of them, and any cameras that you’ve installed to monitor goings on in your store, should be clearly visible for them to act as an effective deterrent. Your primary purpose is to prevent theft, not to simply record someone stealing so that you can go to great lengths to locate them, get your property back and secure a conviction.

Ensure that your premises are secure outside of working hours:

Some thefts occur while stores are closed, and while it may sound obvious to ensure that the locks on all entry points are secure, you’d be surprised how many store owners overlook back entrances or windows, and how many do not have effective locks in place on their primary entry points. Talk to your local locksmith and have them assess your locks to make sure that you have the latest protection against intruders.

You should also make sure that you have a camera and alarm system in place that can alert you to an intruder when you’re away from the premises, and be sure to check it regularly in case of any malfunctions or damage.

Don’t forget to include your staff in your anti-theft training:

Helping your workforce to spot potential thieves and advising them upon what they should do in the event of an ongoing theft, will help reduce criminal activity within your store, and keep your employees safe.

Communicate with visitors to your store:

A simple greeting as each new customer enters your store, will not only help to make them feel welcome but will show them that they are not simply anonymous people who can wander around your store undetected and help themselves to your merchandise.

These simple but effective measures should help you to minimize the risk of theft from your retail store, but if you would like to know more about keeping your store safe, talk to a professional security company or locksmith who can give you the latest advice and guidance on security systems and safety measures for your store.