Risk Assessments For Commercial Properties

Evaluating your commercial property to detect any potential security risks and weak spots, should be something that you do frequently, and especially after a security breach. A full risk assessment should be carried out at least once a year – or if any circumstances should change to warrant re-evaluating your business premises – and as the owner of a commercial property, security should be your top priority.


As every business is different, so are the risks that each one may face, so it’s important when conducting a risk assessment to ensure that it’s tailor made to suit the types of risks that your company may be susceptible to.

There are several other measures that owners of commercial properties can undertake to help keep their premises secure, here are just a few:

Put a maintenance schedule in place:

Scheduling regular security maintenance checks will ensure that no potential risks go unnoticed, and both employers and their employees can be involved in the process.

Carry out security audits:

While much like risk assessments, security audits focus more on the specific aspects of security that are likely to affect your business and should be carried out on a regular basis.

Try installing an access control system:

Great at helping to combat both internal and external security threats, these systems can strictly limit the access that people have to certain items and areas of your business premises.

Ensure that your employees are security trained:

To maximise your businesses security, you should ensure that your employees are up to date with, and fully understand all your business security protocols.

Don’t neglect lighting:

Motion sensor floodlights and other types of lighting can seriously hinder criminals and burglar by illuminating any blind spots that they might try to take advantage of and are a relatively affordable form of security.

Upgrade your locks:

While the perimeter of your commercial premises may be the first point of access for intruders, the locks on all doors should be tough enough to prevent anyone from getting in without a key. A weak lock can spell disaster, and there is really no excuse for not ensuring that you have the best locks on your doors. Cutting corners by not getting your locks checked by a locksmith, or not replacing them if they’re faulty or damaged, is a huge mistake and could end up costing you dearly. Ideally, you should have anti-bump and anti-pick, snap-proof locks fitted on all external doors, and the cost of having these fitted professionally far outweighs what you might stand to lose should a burglar manage to get inside your commercial property.

Locksmiths have a wealth of knowledge related to commercial security and can provide you with the best tried and tested locks on the market. If you’re worried about the security of your business property, talk to your local locksmith about upgrading your systems and keeping your products, data and employees, as safe as possible.