Security Measures COVID-19 Has Forced Us to Rethink

While lockdowns and other restrictions may be easing in many countries, the memory of being housebound for weeks on end will remain for some years to come, and for a lot of us, it’s a vivid one. We remember how we took more notice of our home in general: how it functions, what noises it makes, and how it protects us and keeps us safe. Hygiene was also a big concern, and many of us contemplated, or switched to contactless locking systems.

With our homes and our own safety, a very real priority, now more than ever before, below are some additional security measures you can take to keep yourself and your home, better protected from deadly viruses and intruders:

Consider a keyless entry systems

These can minimize the risk of contamination, especially during a global pandemic, and with a professional installation, you could soon ditch your keys and be enjoying the benefits of a keyless entry system.

Be sure to talk this option over with your locksmith in detail, to determine if a keyless entry system is the right fit for you and your home.

Have your locks replaced

Sanitizing everything that we touch frequently includes our keys and even locks, and if your keys and locks – or those of your building – are old and in less than perfect shape, sanitizing them regularly could begin to compromise their functionality. New locks and keys will be much easier to keep hygienically clean, and you get the added peace of mind of knowing that you, and you alone, are the only person who can access your home.

If you’re unsure as to the overall condition of your locks, have a local locksmith check them out and make their recommendations.

Get smart!

Remote security systems are more popular now than ever before, and being able to manage your doors and windows from your phone, without having to touch any locks or handles, can be helpful in avoiding cross contamination. Quarantine or lockdown restrictions may have meant that you were unable to access your second property, for example, but with the help of a smart security system, you can monitor it via an app on your phone and even set the lights to go on and off at certain times of the day, to act as a deterrent for criminals.

Improve the security at your workplace

With many businesses being closed temporarily throughout periods of lockdown, keeping them protected has been a huge concern for business owners all over the world. Their increased vulnerability to crime under such circumstances means that keeping them safely under lock and key is more important than ever, and fortunately there are plenty of effective high-security locks, security cameras and systems that can help you do exactly that.

While COVID-19 has ravaged the population, forced many businesses to close and generally wreaked havoc on a global scale, it has forced us to rethink our security measures and options, and that has to be a positive thing.