Security Tips For Landlords

For those living in rented accommodation, they look to their landlords to provide security for the property, and whether there are tenants in a landlord’s property, or not, it’s in their best interests to keep it secure since they own it. Here are 3 of the best ways for landlords to keep their rental properties safe and secure:


  1. Effective lighting

Indoor and outdoor lights can be an effective deterrent for would-be criminals, provided they are installed correctly and that the bulbs are changed quickly when they need to be. Hallways and stairwells should be brightly lit as soon as darkness falls, whereas motion sensitive lighting might work well enough in the outdoor spaces directly surrounding the property.

  1. Secure doors

Solid doors at all entry and exit points of the property are a must, with doors containing glass being a definite no-no, since they can simply be smashed. Each main entry point should be fitted with a deadbolt lock, in addition to a standard lock, making it extremely difficult (if not impossible) for an intruder to break into.

Doors leading directly into the tenant’s accommodation areas should also be fitted with chain locks, enabling tenants to open the door a fraction while they check who may be there.

Tenants doors could also be fitted with peepholes, meaning that should someone knock at the door or be heard moving suspiciously in the corridor or hallway, the person can look through the hole instead of having to open the door.

An intercom system is favoured by many landlords nowadays, to help prevent any unwanted persons from entering the property at all. Tenants can communicate with the person ringing the buzzer and decide whether they let them in or not.

  1. Secure windows

While doors may be the first point of entry for many criminals, windows are not infallible, especially when they are often left open! Every window on the rented property should have a working lock, regardless of their position.

Some landlords have security bars fitted on windows sitting at street level, particularly in areas where the crime rate may be higher, and they are very difficult to penetrate.

No landlord can afford to ignore the security concerns of their rental property, and for the tenants living inside, they want to know that they are safe in their home. If you’re a landlord and want to upgrade or alter the security on your rental property, your first port of call should always be your local locksmith. They will arrange to visit your property and assess your lock system, and once your locks are strong and secure enough, then you can think about other security solutions, such as lighting and burglar alarms.