Security Tips If You Live in An Apartment

Living in an apartment can be great for a whole bunch of reasons, but sometimes it’s not always easy to feel secure; with lots of people coming in and out of the building throughout the day and night, feeling safe is not always a given. So, how can you improve your security measures to feel safer in your apartment?

Make sure you’ve got adequate insurance:

Having insurance is always wise no matter where you live, and unlike landlord’s insurance that only covers the building you live in; renters’ insurance typically covers personal property such as furniture, electronic items, possessions and clothing among other things. It can also help to cover liabilities and medical costs if someone visiting you at your apartment injures themselves.

Where possible, upgrade your locks:

Ideally your apartment will at least have a deadbolt, but if it doesn’t, check with your landlord and get one fitted by a professional locksmith. Changing the locks when you move in is always sensible, too, and even if your landlord won’t pay for it, it might be worth doing it yourself for peace of mind; who knows who still might have a key to your place? You could also consider having a chain or door reinforcement lock installed for additional security.

If you’re really worried that your apartment might not be secure enough, consult with a professional locksmith who will be happy to advise you and even conduct a thorough security assessment of your apartment, if necessary.

Don’t leave expensive items out on display:

This might sound like a no-brainer, but having items of value sitting around in your apartment where anyone looking in through the windows can see them, is just asking for trouble. Close blinds and curtains when you’re out or in bed, to help, and make sure that your home doesn’t look like an enticing store display for burglars!

Invest in a door security bar:

Easy to install and remove, door jammers are a fantastic security measure for anyone living in an apartment, and they’re not vulnerable to lock bumping or picking. With most door jammers being portable, you can even take them with you when you travel.

Consider getting a safe:

While you of course want to deter criminals from breaking into your apartment and stealing things, other roommates or guests may be just as tempted by your valuables, and locking them away in a safe is the best way of keeping smaller items of value out of harms way. To find out more about safes and their different ratings, call your local locksmith and/or safe expert for more advice.

Have security cameras installed:

There is actually a good selection of standalone cameras that don’t require a full security system, and that can send a feed directly to your smartphone, enabling you to keep an eye on your apartment wherever you may be.

If you live in an apartment, try not to be complacent about your safety and security, and ask yourself whether it’s as safe as it should be, particularly if you live alone. Your local locksmith will give you unbiased advice and security tips, and can help you make any necessary upgrades to your existing security system.