Should You Rekey Or Replace Your Locks?

The decision to rekey or replace your locks is not always a straightforward one, but the following questions may help you to decide:

Do your existing locks offer you enough?

If you’ve invested in good, high quality locks for your home or commercial property, then it probably doesn’t make sense to change them. However, if you’re always looking for ways to improve your security, you could consider rekeying them or implementing a master key system.


Did you lose a set of keys recently?

Losing a key should always be taken seriously, and the cheapest way of ensuring that your home or business remains secure and not open to intruders, is to rekey your locks.

Do you worry that your current locks are not giving you enough protection?

If you know that there are higher quality locks on the market that could offer you and your property better protection against intruders and thieves, then you should upgrade as soon as possible. Criminals are always working on improving their means of gaining unlawful entry to homes and businesses, so if you want to stay one step ahead of them, you should replace your locks; rekeying will have no effect.

Is it time to replenish your existing locks?

No matter how much you paid for your locks, they are not designed to last forever, and all locks will need replacing at some stage. Even if you take good care of your locks, they are prone to wear and tear, and if your locks are old and look it, then replacing them would be sensible.

Have you recently fallen prey to an intruder?

If you’ve recently been broken into, either at home or at your business premises, the first thing you should do after reporting the crime to the relevant authorities, is to thoroughly assess how the intruder was able to get in. If your own security had not been good enough, then it may be clear what steps you need to take to make sure it doesn’t happen again. If your locks are old or faulty, or a window was left open, then it’s clear that you need to replace and upgrade your locks, and not leave windows open at night-time or when you’re not in the property. If you’re still concerned after completing a check of the building, then speak to your local locksmith, who will be able to advise you further and help you with whatever you need to do to prevent another unlawful entry from occurring.

Are you moving into a new home or business premises?

There is always room for an upgrade or replacement when you move into a building that is new to you. Never take for granted the security measures of the previous owner or tenant, and perform your own rigorous safety test of all locks and keys when you move in. You can also never be sure who has keys to the property when you move in, so even if you do nothing else, you should at least rekey the entire property.

For more detailed safety and anti-theft advice, contact your local locksmith today.