Should You Store Your Ammo in A Gun Safe?

Whether you’re thinking about adding to your gun collection, or thinking about purchasing your first firearm, where to safely store both the weapons and the ammunition, should be your primary concern. While keeping guns locked safely away in a fire rated gun safe is certainly common sense and a best practice, should you store your ammo in there, too?

Below are some tips for the safe storage of your ammunition:

A dry environment is vital:
Even if you do decide to store your ammo along with your guns in a fire rated safe, you must ensure that the environment inside it, is dry at all times. Humidity can build up in the most surprising of places, and often unexpectedly, so consider purchasing a dehumidifier that can be kept inside the safe, without the need for a powers source.

Humidity can cause the brass casing of the ammo to corrode and can even damage the bullet itself, which in turn, can lead to all sorts of dangerous issues when you next go to fire your weapon.

Don’t store it near a heat source:
Ammunition stored close to a heat source or in an area that heats up quickly during the day, such as the trunk of a car in summer, can have a negative impact upon the chemical mixture of gun powder, which can shorten the lifespan of the ammo.

When temperatures hot highs of 125 degrees Fahrenheit or more, ammunition begins to sweat as the nitrocellulose in the gun powder converts to gas and begins to seep out of the casing.

Don’t store it in direct sunlight:
UV exposure can cause significant damage to ammunition, so be sure to store it in a dark place.

Sealed is best:
Wherever you choose to store your ammo, ensure that the container is sealed to prevent the air from damaging it over time. A fire rated gun safe is ideal for keeping your ammo sealed, dry and locked away.

Store your ammo where you are the only person who can access it:
Fire rated gun safes are by far the safest places to store your ammunition, since you can better control the environment its kept in, and prevent anyone from gaining access to it, who shouldn’t. A gun safe keeps your ammunition safe, preserves it and stops any accidents from happening in the home. For advice about which gun safe to purchase, talk to your local locksmith who will have all the latest tips and guidance for the secure storage of your ammo.

Fire rated gun safes are a valuable investment, even if you only have one firearm and limited ammo, since there really is no place as secure as that in which to store those potentially hazardous and deadly items. Not only that, but you’ll help preserve them and keep them in good working order, for longer.