Smart Electronic Door Locks; Are They the Future?

For the most modern, convenient and smart way to secure your home, check out the following electronic door locks. Note that your local locksmith will be able to give you more detailed information about them all, and can help you decide which one will give the best protection for your home:

Schlage Encode:

While a little costlier than some of its counterparts, this particular smart lock offers the very best in convenience and security. Coming with one of the highest security ratings that a door lock can have, it has built in Wi-Fi and doesn’t need to be connected to your smart home hub.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock:

This fourth generation smart lock has many fantastic advantages, such as a remote control operating system, a secure built in Wi-Fi connection and a Bluetooth connection for better battery performance when you’re at home. Although it conveniently works with some existing deadbolts, be sure to check with your local locksmith as to whether it’s compatible with the ones in your home.

Yale Assure Lock SL:

With a stylishly modern keyless touchscreen, this lock can be connected to your existing smart home platform, or to the August Home app that has its own Wi-Fi connection. Featuring an efficient and user friendly, backlit touchscreen keypad, it’s possible to program in and save as many as 250 different entry codes; a higher number than many other smart deadbolt locking systems. Additionally, it has a privacy setting that allows you to disable the codes for a specific amount of time.

Kwikset Aura:

Kwikset is a well-recognized name in the home security industry, and this Kwikset Aura Bluetooth lock has all the modernity of their conventional keypad locks, while making use of the latest technology to improve its functionality. Using Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, you can lock and unlock your door using the app, and is convenient for most.

Kwikset Electronic Deadbolt:

If you’re just getting started with electronic door locks, then this system is ideal. Simple to use, affordable and with an alarm that sounds and disables the keypad temporarily if too many attempts are made to try and open it, it offers even those without a smartphone or Wi-Fi, many of the advantages of a keyless entry system.

Smart locks are definitely the future when it comes to modern home security, and most who try them for the first time, wonder how they managed without them before. To find out more about a keyless entry system for your home or business, call in to your local, trusted locksmiths for a more detailed discussion today.