Spring, A Great Season for Upgrading Your Garage Door

Spring is a wonderful time of the year in so many ways and for so many reasons, and is considered by many to be the ideal season for making home renovations, upgrades and repairs. Synonymous with cleaning and decluttering, spring inspires many of us to venture into areas of our homes that don’t get cleaned and tidied quite as often as perhaps they should; the garage being one such place.

Equally as important as tidying and cleaning the garage however, is checking the condition of the door, and spring is a great time to give your garage the attention it may have been lacking during the winter months.

If your garage door isn’t running smoothly or is beginning to look old and tired, then spring may be the perfect time to get it fully repaired by a professional, or even replace it, before it begins to lower your curb appeal and embarrass your home!

Here are some important checks to make when assessing the overall performance of your garage door:

Are your garage doors springs working properly?
Springs are often one of the first things to go wrong with a garage door, and after a long, cold winter season, you may notice them beginning to underperform, or even break by the time spring comes around.
If your garage door feels heavier to lift than usual, then this could be a sign that the springs are on their last legs, and having them replaced as soon as you spot this, can save you a lot of money in costly repairs later down the line. Not only that, but faulty springs make your garage door dangerous when functioning.

Should a garage door technician evaluate your garage door and determine that the springs are beyond repair, however, then it may be time to consider replacing your garage door, especially if it’s old and has given you many years of reliable service.

Why is spring such a good time for garage door repairs?
As soon as the climate begins to warm up a bit, call up your local garage door technician and have them thoroughly assess your garage door. If any repairs do need to be made to the springs, then this will be the ideal time to do it; colder temperatures provide far from the best conditions for such work. As the mercury rises, any problems with the springs will only get worse, too, making early spring the single best time to address any garage door issues. Balanced weather conditions provide less tension on any moving parts of a garage door, and inclement weather always poses its own problems for home maintenance and repairs.

Spring is in the air, and if your garage is in need of more than a seasonal, spring clean-up, contact your local garage door supplier/specialist and schedule a maintenance check and service. Leaving garage door problems almost always results in them getting progressively worse, while addressing them in a timely manner guarantees to reduce the risk of a hefty repair bill further down the line.