The Advantages of Switching to A Mul-T-Lock Cylinder

With just a few simple tools readily available on the internet, a traditional lock can be picked in a matter of seconds. Switching these locks to something more robust and burglar-proof is the only way of ensuring that what is being stored behind lock and key, remains safe and in the right hands.

A cost-effective solution for anyone concerned about adequately protecting their property, getting a professional locksmith to switch you over to a Mul-T-Lock cylinder, is the first line of defense against thieves and intruders. Below are just some of the advantages of making the switch:

  • Sleeping safely will become the norm

Safe in the knowledge that your locks are virtually unpickable, you can sleep soundly at night without the fear of intruders being able to enter your home. With traditional locks sometimes able to be bypassed with just a screwdriver or even a credit card, switching to Mul-T-Lock cylinders gives you added protection in the form of two interlocking ball bearings, which are almost jimmy-proof. 

  • Key worries become a distant memory

When you have traditional keys for a traditional lock, it’s possible for anyone to get hold of it and make a copy, or multiple copies. However, when you make the switch to the Mul-T-Lock cylinder, only an authorized Mul-T-Lock dealer (such as your local locksmith) can create the key, and copies can only be made accompanied by an official Key Order Card.

You may not be aware of the fact, but there are key copying apps out there that enable unscrupulous folks to simply take a photo of a key, and get it copied. With the Mul-T-Lock cylinder however, the Key Order Card is essential for all copies, so this risk is 100% eliminated.

Lugging around a big bunch of keys can also become a distant memory when you make the switch to a Mul-T-Lock cylinder, as your local locksmith can key all your locks (except your vehicle) to open with just one key, and this can include doors, cabinets, drawers, padlocks and many other security applications.

  • You can keep your existing door hardware

If you’re fond of your existing decorative door hardware, when you switch to the Mul-T-Lock cylinder, there’s no need to change it; a locksmith can simply replace your existing cylinder with the high security cylinder, it couldn’t be simpler.

  • Glass door safety is greatly increased

Unlocking your door from the inside once they’ve broken the door’s glass, is a classic unlawful entry tactic of many burglars, but with a Multi-T-Lock cylinder, this becomes impossible. When you leave home, you can insert your key into the thumbturn latch and take it with you; doing so creates a double-cylinder deadbolt that can only be opened with a key. When you’re at home, choose whether to leave it that way, or convert it to a thumbturn latch by replacing it with your key.

For more detailed information about the high-security Multi-T-Lock cylinder, drop into your local locksmiths or give them a quick call.