The Lowdown On Locks For Your Home

For many individuals and families today, keeping their homes safe and secure from intruders is something that is top of their list of priorities, and rightfully so. However, with so many locks and security systems on the market these days, it can be tricky to know what protection best suits your needs.

The right locking systems for your home should be easy to use, but effective and reliable, and they should provide adequate protection for every access point. Here are a few suggestions to help give you the lowdown on locks for your home:


Locks that are mechanical:

Doors that are secured with a mechanical lock, keep it shut tightly until a key is inserted to activate the deadbolt or multipoint locking system holding the door in place. The bolt in a deadbolt moves out of the way and enables the door to be released once a key is placed inside the locking mechanism. Some locks, such as multipoint systems, have more than one locking point, and each one can be controlled at the same time with the same key. If your home has doors that slide across to open, then one of these systems might prove the strongest and most secure.

Digital locks:

If you want to modernize your locking systems, then a digital or biometric lock might be just the solution for your home. They afford you complete control over who has access to your home, even when you’re not there, and all without a key. Digital locks can be customized to suit your needs and can be integrated with other technologies, such as door viewing cameras. With this system, friends and family can have legitimate access to your home when you’re not there.

Does one lock fit all?

The simple answer is no. Each point of entry to your home may be different and will therefore require a different locking solution with a different function. Entry points from the outside of your home may require a much stronger and tamper-proof lock than those inside your home. Reach out to your local locksmith to find out how many locking systems you may need, and what level of security.

Does what the door is made of, matter?

Doors that are made from metal, or vintage doors, can be much harder to fit locks to since they require more effort to drill through them. Pairing your door with locks that can be fitted with ease, is wise, and a conversation with a qualified locksmith should help you figure out what locks are best suited to the doors of your home.

Choosing to upgrade or renew your locks could be one of the best security decisions you make, at least where protecting your home is concerned, and a consultation with a professional locksmith will quickly set you on the right path to achieving the highest security for your domestic domicile.